I work as a team leader in a company so when we need a new resource recruiters have to talk to me. A recruiter called me to see if we needed anybody but I said no we did not need a new employee. Next day I noticed she had added me on LinkedIn. I accepted her add and messaged her to thank her for the add. She replied in a friendly manner then I let her know a friend was looking for a contractor which made her so happy. I then offered her to have a coffee with me today which she accepted and we met today at lunch time. During our meet up I told her that her ring was cute and I hold her hand for a few seconds. she was very open to it. so I can assume I did some kino on her and med plenty of eye contact with her

I am thinking of asking her out. I am not sure how to ask her out so that she cannot say No. I want to turn this business-like relationship to something that ends up getting her laid. please help