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    Smile need help with hittin up girls online! HELP MEE PLEASE!!!

    yeah this may sound a little pathetic but theres a girl online that i want to stand out of the croud for other guys who just want to see her boobs and ask her for nudes and all this, but i want to stand out from all them guys and get her to notice me so i can get her nubmer or anything! now if anyone can help me with this it would be highley apreciated and im sure im not the only one!

    i also have another question that probably annoys alot of guys but when i talk to a girl that i just met and i get her on facebook it gets all awkward we will say hey and then it would all be awakrd, i dont know any openers to the convo to get her to have a good impression on me and i dont know exaclty how to keep the convo going like it gets alll awkward and we will just laugh and she will just read my messages and not reply! so i would like to know on what to say to get the girl interested in the convo and actually enjoy herself when we are talking so i have better chances of asking her out and her saying yes!

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    Default Re: i need help with a girl online shes incedibly hot and wonderful!

    Hi mate,

    I often get one or two dates per week if I put enough effort on online dating. My problem is closing my dates successfully. So I can give you some advice on the first part.

    99% of guys will talk to her about boring stuff. What can help you here is 1- Be very humorous 2- Bringing up her emotions.

    You can be humorous by finding something in her profile and teasing her. e.g. Your hair is very long, is it an extension? A while back I got a date from a model just because she said she liked Turkish delight, and I said "Turkish delight with tea is as good as walking in paradise with 72 virgins". something that stupid secured me a date! When you make a joke, by any means avoid putting LOL at the end of your sentences. That's so lame.

    Ask her about her siblings, nieces or nephews, dogs and cats and pretty much everything that can bring up her emotions. Make her think of you as a couple. such as walking on the beach or going away on a weekend. However, don't write to her as if you already have her and you are planning something. that will end up you being blocked by her!

    Read your messages twice and if you are not sure to put something in your message, just remove it. Anything negative or controversial must be deleted from the message. Instead say something about her photos or profile that she finds interesting. For example if she has a ring on a finger it shows something about her character. Google for these stuff .

    And remember... subject of your message is VITAL. If you choose yet another boring subject such as "Hello", your message will be deleted without being read! Use a subject such as "Knock Knock" or "I like that floral dress on you...".

    The last but not the least: don't give her value. make no compliment about her look. Again 99% of guys will kiss her ass up. You want to be different so don't give her any compliments.

    I would not add girls on Facebook before seeing them in person. I also would not ask them for their numbers. Girls are very careful as to who has their number. Instead after 5 messages (from her side) say "I think you are such a lovely girl... maybe we should meet up over a coffee... I know a cozy cafe in xxx which is called yyyy... maybe we should meet up on the coming Sunday morning at 10am?... my number is blah blah... please let me know".

    p.s. Spell check your messages to girls. Bad spelling represents low education! For example, CROWD is correct!
    p.p.s. Frequency of your messages must be one or two messages per day. Time between two messages must not be either two short or too long.

    Hope this helps

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