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    Default First date at a bar

    So I am taking this girl out on a first date and we are going bar hoping. Usually for a first date I do dinner and something fun after and when I ask them out I pay for the first date and then tell them they can pay and take me out next time and they are always cool with that. My question is that since I don't drink but I asked her out should I pay for her drinks all-night? I'm in dental school and am a poor grad student so that could get expensive. If I had the money I'd be happy to get my date drunk and back to my house but I don't make the big bucks yet.

    Advice please.


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    Default Re: First date at a bar

    Nuh-uh. We usually say first couple of dates should be cheap. Why? Because she isn't there to have fun with your money, she is there to have fun with you.

    Let me start with your little technique. You pay for a dinner + "something fun" date, then supposedly seal a second date because you paid for the first one and now it's her turn. This is NOT healthy, bro. She might seem cool with that, but I don't think so. She will want to go on a second date because she liked you and she wants to get to know you more, not because she has to pay her 'first date debt'. You should focus on having fun and creating connection with your date rather than focusing on your wallet or "making her drunk".

    Don't think about the second date while you're just on the first one. Go with the flow, live the moment. If she enjoyed her first date, there is no reason she will flake on the second one.

    If you're gonna feel obliged about paying for the drinks, simply tell her that "everyone pays for themselves." That is not rude or anything. Or you can just change the date and have more fun while paying less money.

    Here's a list of fun & cheap first date ideas:

    Just make sure you pick the right one for the right girl.
    It's not about who I was or who I'm going to become.

    It's about who I am. Do it right here, right now.

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