Hi guys, basically frustrated about this Korean girl i've been sweet on because I've gotten mad IOIs, kino, attraction, comfort, everything ... she just won't let me kiss her.

I'm a 23 year old 6'2" muscular Chinese guy and she's a 28 year old Korean PT with a bf in Korea.

Been on 3 dates with her now.

Had good kino right from the start and it's steadily escalated. Now i can pretty much hug her, hold her hand, stroke her hair, kiss her cheek and pat her bum whenever i want.

But last date i took her to a hotel room and just could not get a kiss close. She gave me a 20 min massage and was sleeping with her head in my lap. I asked her to stay but she said "i cant i told you i have a bf in korea" and i said "that's ok" (force of habit - filler phrase) and she said "nooo i dont want to lie to him". But in my head im like ... you've done so much with me already.

Anyway, she didnt know my age yet and was really curious so i said id tell her if she came back later (she had to go see someone for work). Met up with her again later that night and went back to the hotel room. She was freezing so i took her to bed and put her under the covers. Spooned her and talked for 2 hours. Was kissing her shoulders, ears, cheek and neck at one point. But she hid her face whenever i tried to kiss her mouth and she would get all shy. She would get shy when i told her she was beautiful too. Fortunately she didnt bring up her bf again but i just couldnt k-close her.

Now i feel almost like im her comfort for her bf not being around but i dont think its exactly friendzoning. I was sliding my hand up her back and down her bum and stroking her thigh. I think me constantly kissing her should make it pretty damn clear im not there just to be a friend.

I know kissing is serious in korea - alludes to a full on relationship. But still ...

What do you guys reckon? Am i just really close and need to break down the last bits of resistance? Or is she using me as comfort? Or is she legitimately just shy (or didnt want to get me sick - she had a cold)?

I really like this one but it feels like after the amount of time ive invested - i'll end up with everything but the k and f-close.