That which seems less awkward is more awkward and that which seems more awkward is less awkward.

A large part of your success in developing fearlesness in approaching and interacting with strangers is the extent to which you are able to forget about getting some kind of an outcome with them. When you release the need for people to like you you make space for just that to happen.

In a lengthy period of our evolution as a race, we could not afford to be so carefree in this respect. If our father caveman were to overstep the boundaries of what was expected of him, if he tried to pick up on the wrong girl - the tribal leader's girlfriend, shall we say, he would risk exclusion from the tribe and the repercussions of that - namely death.

So if your life depended on it - neediness would be understandble. But since In today's terms the tribe is dead - there is little importance to whether any of your interactions go well or not. You can reinvent yourself as many times as you want,and fail as many times as you need to in the process of discovering who you are - with little if any repercussion. And thats what The Golden Rule is about. You can do the most awkward things and have them work, because you are doing it for yourself and having fun, and thats what people relate to and want to be a part of, as opposed to someone who is trying not to be a nuisance by acting polite and trying to get people's attention that way.

I recently went up to a group of about 15 people who were sitting round the same table at a 24 hour diner. I went up to them and pretended they were one person, just hitting on them badly, starting with "Hi, you have nice eyes. Do you come here often? Can I have your number? without looking at any one of them in particular. The group laughed, but I guess their ringleader didn't like the sudden loss of attention, cause I was blown out by him pretty soon after and they all seemed to folllow. I was unaffected, completely high on the experience and continued the training session with my client, who was in awe of wat he had just seen. As far as he was concerned the fact that I didn't get any numbers from the group was irrelevant, he had just seen me approach an impossible set, get blown out, and not be affected. Now he was free to do the same. It was a good night. Turned out, however that this group of 15 were some of Tel Aviv's most influential party promoters and selectors, and that I had ruffled their feathers in not such a good way. I wasn't let into a party the following night that I had been invited to by a client, because David, the ringleader from the group had given specific instructions to the selector at the door, who had also been at the table not to let me in. I lost my cool and made things worse, but it was actually my client who made me feel better by saying that it was rare to get barred from a party and that I must have made quite an emotional impact on that guy.

A few nights later I am making out with a fabulous girl on a bench in a street nearby to where the diner was and he comes walking by - he yells her name, hands her an envelope and leaves. She turns out to be a selector who works for him, too. "That was abrupt" she says, I catch my breath, and we go back to making out. Minutes later she gets a text, and before she gets a chance to open it I make her promise that if it is from David she must show it to me after reading it and that I will explain later. She does, and it says "Thats Guy. He's crazy, run while you can." I explain what happened, she laughs and says that David is like that, The situation brings out my vulnerability, a side of me that she hasn't yet seen, and she goes into comforting mode. the experience brought us closer than anything I could have orchestrated myself and Soon after we go back to her place and make mad passionate monkey love,the best part is... next time I meet David, the bitch shield is down and he is smiles and nervous apology. He had been given a talking to, and I am invited to his next party.

Although the majority of people I like who meet from cold approaches turn into lovers and then friends, sometimes the other way round, There are also those with whom my reality does not mesh well, or who I may have approached too directly for their comfort, Even when I do frequent the same places over and over again, which is rare there is always the chance of running into any one of these blasts from my pasts, and with my firm belief in synchronicity, this happens to me a lot. It always works out. Even people who have called me crazy will stop and say hello when they see me in a new situation, giving me social proof. People I don't remember will come up and try and remind me of who they are, giving details of our conversation which plainly prove that it is one which they have replaid many times over in their minds.

One of the hazards of being yourself, unapologetically, taking risks and sometimes acting in a way that is Larger than 99% of the population, is that you run the risk of meeting some people who will be intimidated by that and try to bring you down to their level. But I have never, with all my thousands of approaches had anyone come up to me and say anything negative afterwards to my face. People are way too busy worrying what I think of them at the end of the day, because even if they deny it outwardly, inside, they know that the one who approaches, the one who is vulnerable, the one who has desire and acts on it, is the one with the real power. you can't touch that. There is something sacred about it. And even if they are not ready, while their words may be ambivalent or negative, I see respect and awe in their eyes.

The tribe is dead. Whenever I step out of my house I am a new man, with new possibilities, and I embrace the fact that I am living in a time where my individuality, and my desire to meet more people and to learn everything I can from them cannot be restrained, by anyone or anything.