Inner Game

The story of two basketball players that missed a free throw.

It’s the middle of a tense basketball game. The scores are level and time is running out. A player called “Mr Result” is fouled. He steps to the line to take a free throw. As he prepares and makes the throw this is his thinking:

“There is the hoop, I must get the ball in the hoop. If I get the ball in the hoop it will be great, but if I miss it will be really bad (he shoots) Oh dammit, I missed the shot, I cant believe that I should have got the ball in, I am not good at basketball.”

The other team takes the rebound and is able to go into offence.
The game continues and the scores remain very close. Eventually another player is fouled, his name is “Mr Process” He steps to the line to take a free throw. As he prepares to make the throw this is his thinking:

“As I hold the ball, I want to make sure my arms are facing the right way to give me the best chance of getting this in. I want to make a smooth action with my hands just like I have been working on with my coach. (he shoots) I have pushed the ball a little far, this means that it is probably going to miss, but when it hits the ring it will bounce further, so I can get into position and give myself a good chance to taking the rebound”

“Mr Process” leaps into action, and is able to position himself and out rebound a taller player, he takes the ball strait at the hoop and is fouled again.

This time as he steps to the line he remembers that he pushed his last shot too far, so her relaxes his hands, as a result he sinks both of his next shots.

In this story we see two people who have the same problem, and both of them have the same result. What I am interested in is how they are thinking, and how their thinking affects what happens to them after the result.

“Mr Result” only cares about the result of this free throw, does it go in or does it miss. Before he takes the throw he is already thinking about the result, and after the throw he is still thinking about the result. As a result thinking about what is happening now and playing the game and he is just beating up on himself.

“Mr Process” is present, from the moment he takes the ball he thinking about what he can do now to help his team, he is not afraid to miss, he just is focused on his process, and responding to the game as it developed. Thus when his shot misfired, he noticed where the ball was going, his thinking instantly changed to thinking about how to get the rebound. When he went back to the free throw line he was able to notice what he did last time, and make a minor adjustment and thus put the ball in the hoop.

Later in the game, ‘Mr Result’ is fouled again. This time he shoots and scores both shots. Putting his team a head by two points.
This is his thinking:

“I just made both free throws at a critical point of the game! Yes, I did so well. I might have just won the game for my team. I am so great”

While “Mr Result” was thinking this, “Mr Process” was able to notice “Mr Result” was slow getting back to defend, as a result “Mr Process” is able to find some space and get the ball and then sink a game winning three pointer.

That night Process goes out sarging. He approaches 10 different HB10’s. He uses the same approach to sarging that he uses to basketball. He has great game, but despite this the first 9 HB10’s all reject his openers.

Mr Result also goes out sarging. He also approaches the same HB10’s, but each time he gets rejected he becomes more frustrated, he starts forgetting about what good game is, so he starts drinking and by the end of the night he is really drunk and passes out in a gutter .

Mr Process is still in the club gaming, he has still got one more HB10 left. He has been watching whats been going on in the club all night. So he saw that Mr Result had been hitting on this girl making her feel uncomfortable. So he walks up and makes an opener, totally focused on the present moment and reacting to the situation as it unfolds.

“Hey, I just want to let you know that jerk that was just hitting on you, was just kicked out of here by the bouncers” The hot girl smiles and acknowledges him, but then looks away.” So he body ricks and stacks “yeah I was just out there with my friends, he is passed out in the gutter.” Finally the HB10 turns to him and smiles. He negs a bit does some DHV’s and finally he has her opened up. He makes the most of every chance he is able to get and soon he is getting keno with this HB10, finally he is able to kiss her. He has gamed her so well that now he knows that she is his, and he will be able to take her back to his house for some hanky panky.

But, knows that now he has more possibilities. He takes this HB10 and uses her as a pivot, to open up the other HB10’s in the club. Now he is able to open, all ten of them, and then start to create jealousy plots, like crazy. Now they all want him, they all think he is so cool and they want to win him. He then breaks out some awesome game, and uses some hardcore NLP’s and he is somehow able to convince all ten HB10’s to come back to his house.

He gets them back to his room and all ten of them start making out with each other and giving him oral sex. This goes on for quite some time, and there are many position changes ect. but finally they form into a daisy chain, and he is able to ejaculate on all of them at the same time as they scream with joy and excitement.
Meanwhile back at the club, Mr Result is still passed out in the gutter. A drunk homeless man is walking past, he needs to urinate but is to drunk to notice Mr Result lying there, so he pisses all over him.

Mr Process is not affected by if he has succes or not, he is focused on responding as best as he can to the situation and trying to get a desired result, from what ever situation he is faced with.
Mr Result only cares about his result, it is what defines him, and it is all he sees.

Mr Process is now showering with ten hb10's after making passionate love to all of them at the same time.

Mr Result is now covered in the urine of a homeless man.

May you find happiness in yourself, and share it with each other