Hi Guys am stuck with the following online conversation. Probably i blow my chances...but anyway i think i should give a try. So here is the story. I met the girl through a friend and we became online friends after a while. I met her by chance in a nightclub on Saturday and we talk a little bit she was interested of learning how to dance salsa and i said i will saw you when the dj put sth to dance.

At this moment i left to find my friends and after a while the dj decide to put salsa..i went to find the girl but she had left... then i decide to follow up on the internet

So i started the conversation like this:
Me:Where did you go on Saturday lost your chance to learn how dance salsa
HB:hahaha we left at 02:00
ME: You left early indeed, so when is the next Portuguese party
HB: for a Portuguese party it is needed to be prepared/ trained, you cannot join such parties like that!

and here comes the rocket
ME: So you are able to provide this training i guess?
and she didn't reply to this msg 5th day now. It was too direct?
any chance of getting back what do you think?