***A big Lifestyle Change ***

I believe that the choice to become a PUA is more than just learning to pick up women, I think it is a way of living, and a way of viewing this world.

As you make the transition from being a normal citizen to being a PUA you are going to go through quite big lifestyle change, which for many people takes some time to get use to. I want to write this section in order to give some recommendations that can help you prepare for the changes you will experience, and thus your transition into this lifestyle will be more comfortable and you will be prepared for success.

***The importance of Time management for PUAs

I want to talk about is time management. Time management is an important part of modern life. However, the life of a PUA has additional demands, and thus I want to usuggest the following tips to improve your time management and thus make your life as a PUA more succesful and more efficient.

1) Have a specific diary/calendar for your sarging.

You are going to be meeting so many women, and it is going to be difficult to remember them and organize them into your life unless you keep a calendar diary.
In my calendar Diary, I will write down information about the women that I meet each day. Here is an example of what an entry might look like.

January 20 2013

Miss Hotty - HB7 phone:19****9393
-cold opening at City Subway station
-Speed date to book store / several location changes
- No hand hold / rejected
- She is a little bit too shy / you probably wont want to see her again

Miss Cute - HB9 Phone: 1234*****
- works at a bar
- lives 5 mins from your house / she is very hot!

You can see that I have all the important information recorded, Name, phone number rating and of course HB rating. I also need to keep some notes about what we have done together.
The reason I started doing this is because, before I got organised sometimes I would get a call from a woman and I would have no idea who she was or where I met her until she reminded me after a minute of awkward phone conversation. I would also sometimes have a girls number in my phone and sometimes I would have no memory of meeting her. Getting this diary organized has been a great way for me to overcome these problems, so I can relax because I know Im not going to spoil my chances by forgeting important information.

Set aside specific time every week for sarging

It doesnt matter what level your game is at you need to set aside specific time each week to sarge. The fact is that your skills will not improve unless you spend time in the field.
It is generally better if you can keep the same time locked in each week, and try to frequent similar locations. This will make it easier for your wingmen to join you, and it will also make it easier for girls who you meet while sarging, to meet up with you again in the future. People just feel more comfortable going to a place that they already know.
I always go sarging in Friday and Saturday nights. I meet up with friends, wingmen and fellow PUAs and make a real effort to work on my game, and have a fun time.

Set aside specific time for dating every week.

You are going to have many new and beautiful women entering your life if you learn to do a half decent job at sarging. You are going to get phone numbers when you go out sarging and many women are going to want to date you. So you have to set aside time to spend with these women one on one, and you are going to need to be careful organising your time because you dont to accidentality double book two women at the same time.
3) Book in one girl for a time slot, but have other girls ready as back ups if she cancels
The fact is that many of these beautiful women that you will meet you will only spend a very shot time with them in your first meeting. Therefore they will not feel a very strong obligation to you, so it will be very easy for them to have something else come up that they would rather do. This is not always a reflection of bad game, but rather just a fact of modern life. You are just a guy that she met on the street and felt attracted to, that will not always convert into a date, there will be cancellations.
I prepare for this fact. I will make phone contact with two other girls, and then tell them that I am interested in having a date with them. After they agree to a date I will tell them that I am quite busy and I am not sure exactly when we can meet. I will tell her I have already planed a meeting with a friend, on a given night, but if I have time I will give her a call and perhaps we could meet. This way when one girl cancels, another girl is ready to fill the time slot.

4)Minimize time wasted traveling

You are going to have to make a personal choice about how much time you are willing to spend traveling to meet the women that you want to have relationships with, and your decicons will be affected by many factors, such as how interested you are in women and the kind of place that you live.
I live in a very large and international city. There are hundreds of beautiful women that walk past me every day. Generally I am not willing to travel any longer than 15mins from where I am to meet a woman. I normally get the women to come and meet me and then take them somewhere within 15mins of my house.
Sometimes I will make an acception to this rule. For example if a HB9 or HB10 is keen to meet me I will be willing to travel a little further in order to meet her. Or if I am invited to an interesting party by a girl, then I will travel a bit further.
You are going to make your own decidion about how far you want to travel, but I just want to show you how I think about and deal with this issue.

Set aside time to do things other than sarging

Sarging is fun, and it can help you to improve the quality of your life, but it is important to spend time doing other things so that you remain healthy. You need to spend time doing other things that will improve your self and the quality of your life that arent related to picking up women. You will need to be the judge, but its always important, to spend time with friends and family, and spend time being healthy doing other activities that you enjoy. Your friends and family should always be more important that going out and getting girls. I think it is also important to focus energy into you job or career. It will help your game if you are stressful in other areas of your life.
I think for most PUAs sarging is just a phase of their lifes. Its important to remember this and not to loose perspective on the bigger picture.

*****A final word****

These time management tips are aimed to help you guys so that you can increase your chances of success, and spend more time doing things you enjoy. I hope you find them helpful. I hope you guys could also suggest some more time management tips, as I am sure there are many useful ideas that I just have not been able to think of.

May you find happiness in yourself and share it with each other