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Thread: She's a "PUA"

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    Default Re: She's a "PUA"

    Thanks you guys. I'll do my usual thing and see what happens.

    Will let you how this turns out. Gonna be fun!
    It's not about who I was or who I'm going to become.

    It's about who I am. Do it right here, right now.

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    Default Re: She's a "PUA"

    Almost all said don't be intimidated by the fact that she knows or imply you are affected by admitting.ur there to create attraction.Period.

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    Default Re: She's a "PUA"

    So the important question is this:
    Is she trying to game YOU?

    You sound pretty up to date on the "state of the art" and can recognize what she's been talking about, so tell us. Is she?

    If she is, then LET HER PICK YOU UP. Duh. Nobody seems to be talking about this possibility. We PUAs sometimes get so wrapped up in the art that we forget our goals.

    If she isn't, then you have plenty of answers to choose from on this thread already on how to game her or why not to.

    Still, I'll just toss in my two cents:

    How do you win a game against an opponent who knows the game?

    You metagame. Get nash equillibrium on her ass.

    To borrow the martial arts analogy mentioned, jeet kun do is the answer. We learn all the forms not because learning forms wins all encounters (though each wins some), but because each one brings us closer to being formless.

    Get in her head. WHY does she do PUA? She knows the game. You know the game. Anticipate.

    What does she want? What do you want? Now bridge the gap. By any means necessary.

    No offense I hope, however "be yourself" is bullshit advice people say when they don't know what else to say, or don't know how to say what they are trying to say. "After all my years I can tell a person how to get exactly what they want out of life, problem is I've never met anyone who knows what they want." -Mark Twain If you tell someone to be yourself, they'll spend the rest of their life trying to figure out who that is. Instead, just be. That's what people mean when people say "be yourself."

    And being genuine is great. However, I know a fair number of genuine people who don't get shit in this department. If genuine alone worked, instead of this forum there'd just be a big fat sign that says "Be Genuine." The trick is to study the art AND be genuine. Genuinely study the art. What people mean when they say be genuine is "Be congruent." Do what you set out to do and make no apologies for it.

    Likewise, scripted material is great. Scripts are great because they work ...on some of the people some of the time. And you learn from that. There is no formless without forms.

    But scripted material isn't going to work on this chick.

    Nobody can tell you what WILL work, because no one here knows whether she already knows this technique or that technique, or whether any given technique would work on any specific girl even if she wasn't a PUA.

    We might be able to lend some insight as to what WON'T work, however. Hopefully that will help narrow things down for you.

    For example, trying to game her directly like any other girl isn't going to work, as she would be tuned in and observant to it. Unless of course she originally got into the game simply because she likes scripted material and techniques, in which case you can both geek out about it and live happily ever after.

    Others can comment on other things not to do.

    Ultimately, this comes down to the underlying philosophy and not the overlying technique, at least until you know more about why she got into pickup and other relevant things about her.

    Not to put too much emphasis on a classic work, but Mystery did say it best when he described it as switches in her head. You have to turn on the right ones without turning on the wrong ones. If you do, the rest will take care of itself. The switches don't change much from woman to woman or man to man, because they're in the older part of the brain. And unlike technique, it doesn't matter if she knows this, because we can't change that wiring any more than we can change our craving to eat. You can put it off a little, but sooner or later it's got to be satisfied. If anything, thinking about it makes it even more effective. So your goal is the same for this girl as any girl, just that the usual sawed-off-shotgun, spray-and-pray techniques are invalid.

    So how to turn the switches on for this girl?

    Good question, I leave it open for discussion here...

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