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    Default Hit a wall in this chapter of the game.

    So my wingman and I have been in the game for about six months and we progressed well. Before the game, we were in long term relationships for many years, recently we’ve run into a wall. Our motivation and drive for meeting girls has decreased because were getting semi-comfrotable with some high quality girls were dating. Our problem is that we still want to progress in the game and reach a higher level , but unfortunately when we go out we dont have that drive. This isnt one-itis nor lack of abundance. When me and my wing pull , the sex is only momentarily satisfying. We’ve both had passionate sex before and know we cannot have that through pulling. The ultimate question is how can we keep our drive for meeting girls to improve our game, but at the same time have passion? We don't necessarily want girlfriends but were open to meeting “the one” , also we are confused, and its hurting our game.

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    Default Re: Hit a wall in this chapter of the game.

    This is something I too have experienced in my past, and I find that sometimes it does you good to have a weeks break or two from the game, then you will suddenly start craving it again.

    Also you may be getting bored because it is becoming too easy, the more challenging the target the more determined and driven you will become.

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