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I am hosting a 19 yr girl from spain at my place through couchsurfing. She has been traveling through out the US for the past 2 weeks. She just came across couchsurfing. Prior to couchsurfing she has been staying at friends/family houses and just random peoples places she met through her travel. When she told about the random people, I said, “ Wow you must be really good at convincing random people to let you crash at their place.” And she said, “Yea, and we just have some fun.” Her English is not that good.

Since her English is not that good, its hard for her to get any of my jokes and she seems really cheerful at one time and then serious another time.

I pretty sure she is dtf, but how do I go about convincing her to sleep with me? She also said she just broke up with her boyfriend. Ask her straight up for sex? Kino a lot? Any signs to look for.