I'm finding the things in life seem to have cycles. I'm finding my pick up game has cycles too. For the longest time I thought I was completely over self confidence issues but lately I'm finding that I'm still having confidence issues. My previous issues were with the approach and open but now I'm hitting the proverbial wall further along at DHV 's or building rapport. I think part of the issue comes from the fact that I am only getting to this phase with 9's or 10's. I won't make the effort beyond opener and banter if I'm not really into her. I suppose this is my mistake as it doesn't hurt to number close a girl I'm not really interested in. I'm putting too much dependence upon the outcome with the high quality girls and I panic and bail. I did this Friday night. I opened a 2 set with blonde HB7 and brunette HB10. HB10 made eye contact when I was ordering a drink at the bar. I was behind her and she turned three times to look at me. She was stunning in an amazing dress and perfectly matching accessories etc. HB10 and I were clearly the 2 best dressed people in the place. This would be my opener.
I went to the restroom to check my tie etc. and to allow me to make an approach from a better angle. I walked up to HB10 and stuck my hand out and said "I want to thank you". She smiled and looked puzzled. I went on to explain that I am attempting to make the town classier and I appreciated her effort in supporting me in this. She took my hand and the two girls looked at each other and laughed. HB10 complemented me for my original opener and smiled brightly. I was in. I played off her comment about my opener and said I thought about asking if they came there often etc., they giggled.
HB7 caught herself using bad grammar and corrected herself and I said "you must be an English Teacher. We discussed occupations which is a great segue to DHV for me. HB7 asks my name at this point and I know I've won her but my target is HB10 and I'm still not sure. The girls ask about why I'm out and I mentioned I like to play darts. They said they wanted to play darts too. There was only one dartboard at this place and it was busy so I recommended a bar across the street that had more than one board. To my dismay HB10 shot this down. I suggested another place on the next block and HB7 shot that one down. I felt HB10 was losing interest and the conversation stopped. I stalled at this point and panicked. I looked at my watch and said "it was a pleasure meeting you both and turned and left. I felt like I bailed too early though.