I'm new to Germany, i'm in the military and I just PCS'd here. I've been here about 2 months. I started getting into the game about 3 months before I left and had poor results, better than what I had, but poor. A lot of numbers at the club, and a lot of compliments from girls, but no day 2's and most of the time no replies a couple days later when I tried texting or calling.

When I moved to Germany I stopped the game for awhile because I felt like it wasn't who I was or wanted to be. I want to be a nice guy like I used to be and I just felt like an asshole. I guess I just had some moral issues with it. I think I can be myself, a nice respectful guy, who is strong and confident and can be good with women, but I need some help.

I don't go to the bars much anymore, and being out for 2 months and transitioning from bars to day game is brutal. I got the courage to talk to them. But I was in Frankfurt last weekend and I opened maybe 25 girls (they are everywhere) with maybe 2 that were interested or didn't completely blow me off, and I had no idea how to close them. I don't think my body language is right, and I don't know what to say at ALL anymore. I would just open with "do you know where ..... is". It's like I've never talked to a girl before. The ONLY thing I have is some balls to talk to them.....and make them run away it would seem. I need some serious help with day game opening and tactics and anything else you can help with.

It's so discouraging, and aggravating sometimes.

ONE MORE THING: German girls are so different it seems. The "hold eye contact and smile" approach which worked wonders in the US has almost NEVER worked here. I really need some help here guys. I feel trapped as an AFC again and I need to get out.