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    Default I'm good at starting a convo, but can't sustain it??

    So I'm talking to chicks online, I make a comment on what kinda music she likes, what she's doing next week, etc. etc. that kinda stuff..and we get going for a little bit, but then the convo stalls because I simply run out of things to talk about!

    I just need help keeping convo's alive when talking online, I'm great in person, just don't do as much online as I should

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    Default Re: I'm good at starting a convo, but can't sustain it??

    I like to work backwards. The first goal is: the phone number. Right?

    So to get the phone number you know you need some comfort and attraction. You know you can tease to build some mild attraction and that you need to get to a real level with her to get good comfort. Basically get to know her. With online the focus is comfort. Because the concern of her meeting someone dangerous is very real. So joking about kidnapping her doesn't go so well online as it does in person lol. (Plus you should always accuse her of trying to kidnap you. :P)

    Two tips:

    1. To avoid turning the convo into an interview use the "question into statement" technique. So instead of asking "Where are you from?" say " I can tell your from the Southside." Asking her where she's from is fine, but if it's too many questions like this then use this trick.

    Also in some of your response leave something open ended that will make it easy for her to ask you questions instead of you asking her. If she doesn't take the bait, oh well, keep going and try again later.

    2. Only go for the phone number AFTER she starts asking questions about you. As a man. If she asks me "What do you look for in a girl" I know I'm in. It's the only surefire way to get a phone number with little to know risk of rejection.
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