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    Exclamation Help: The whole club is my sticking point

    okay, first a bit on me. i'm a pretty average looking guy. Even in terms of height so I can't really rely on looks in the club.
    I have quiet a number of questions. but just need a few quick ones before I go to the deeper stuff.

    1)First off, I have a problem hearing in loud music, I partially go deaf for some reason lol i feel it when I leave the club.
    2) I also need to talk louder, any sugestions?

    Now onto the deeper problems.

    I know since i'm pretty average, i have to have my confidence do the talking for me. I have realized that the more I try to talk the more I screw myself. haha just realized the irony in that statement. either I'm not talking loud enough or I can't hear a freakin thing they say and this makes me blank out.
    I try to have conversations.
    It typically goes like this.

    Me: hey
    her/them: hey.
    me: hows your night going?
    me(shouting):HOWS YOUR NIGHT GOING!
    her: okay I guess.
    me: what's your name by the way?
    her: bla
    me: what?
    her: bla
    me: what? ah fuck it. ************ blank...... *************

    I know, this is basic, not a good opener either but even when i try more creative like opinion, compliment. It pretty much follows the same pattern. so i gave up the creatives for basics coz they're faster to say. I'm fed up.

    Through watching other guys succeed along with other guys' advice here. I'm thinking of going a different road. Minimal talking, a bit of dancing but more kino. tell me what you think of this.

    Scanning: Looking for girls outside the dance floor, alone, looking at their phones, bar, whatever.

    Creative opener: Maybe an observation about the club or her. Short conversation, 1 minute max. while keeping laser eye contact.

    Stop mid way and say something like, "I hope you can dance, come." and grab her and take her to the dance floor but not asking her, just taking her. I cant dance lol so I make sure we get to grinding ASAP or I'll look like one of those skydancer air puppets lol

    maybe getting to the groping and kino. whispering sexual stuff and makeout.

    then isolate and have a proper conversation.


    What do you think of this? be brutal coz i'm getting really frustrated seeing how easy it is for most guys and I want to improve if it kills me. okay that's a bit too far but you know what I mean.
    Worst experiences are when a girl you opened and tagged as just being bitchy or whatever ends up making out with another guy a few minutes later who you're probably at the same level or more attractive than and you start to wonder, what the hell did he do or say?
    I never want to have that feeling again. it can really throw of my game.

    I would also like alternatives. what do you guys do? coz some things are just puzzling to me.

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    Default Re: Help: The whole club is my sticking point

    Hi Floyd,

    Sounds like you got balls bro'

    2 things come to mind here - radically different strategies.

    First strategy is to go GM style. David X is great at this and he ain't no looker. He does it without seeming sleazy. Here you are very forward with a girl. I've tried it with mixed results. If a girl has great tits, tell her. If she has a nice arse, tell her. the idea here is not to be crass though, you are actually giving a sincere compliment - there is an extremely fine line.

    So an example here: You see a good looking girl. you approach and say, "Hey, I saw you from over there [point] and had to come over and tell you that you have such a good energy." She responds. then you say "Look I just want to pay you a compliment and please don't slap me [smirk] but you really have amazing tits and I just wanted to tell you." Now one of 2 things happen here as i'm sure you can guess. 1. She does slap you or 2. She looks astounded but is intrigued by you. High risk high reward my brother.

    Second strategy. Go into the club buy a drink and then go around making small talk with everyone and cheersing them with you glass or beer etc. Tell them, " hey just out meeting people. how you guys." Try get their names and try and remember their names. Make a polite excuse to leave and repeat with the next set. Make sure you cover the majority of the club. Later in the evening when you see your target you already have her name from a low risk strategy and can try escalate from there.

    re the noise level, well you either need to try and adjust or bounce them to a quieter place.

    Hope this helps and if you go GM let us know how it goes.

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