Hey, guys!

Some background first:
I am a 19 going-to-be-student and I live at my parents', because I have not (yet?) the money to rent/buy my own home and the university is just 20 minutes by train from my house. So the university doesn't grant me a students' home. Or I don't get one because the one, which are further away do get one first AND I would have to pay for them.

So... Now the problem. While you are building your avatar, self-esteem you've earned from approaching/working out etc. is your drive for further steps, till you are satisfied with your avatar. BUT here is the sticking point. My father always says something which lowers my self-esteem drastically. Like: "I thought you were losing weight. You have to LOSE it not gain." (although I am obviously losing fat and gaining muscles, which was complemented several times by girls and friends). This lowers my self-esteem, I never was appreciated by him. No success of mine was ever lobbed. Always taken for granted.

It is not, that I wanted him to lob me, but he doesn't have to say such things, you get my point?

The second thing is, that he always succeds with scaring the people from our house. He isn't violent or like that. He just is bad to people. Not the direct, always the indirect way (like the clichè girl-way). So I don't want to/cannot take a girl home, especially while I am gaming her.

Now I ask you: What do you recommend? Confronting him with this always ends in a way where he says, that I have everything I've got from his money. I fear to be thrown out of the house. So I think advices for my inner game maybe the solution, but I am in my mind's dead end.