Hey guys,
Well after my first post about a opener I came up with and successfully number close this HB7.5 in my class, we went out for coffee for day1 couple of weeks ago and everything went very well exept for a little detail when I try to run the cube on her and after few warm up question, she told me she already knew that game (started to freak out thinking another pua has been there before me and now she was outsarged lol), so I just left it altogether and moved on with some more kino (fairly long hug when we met, hand holding).

So after about 30 minutes of sitting and building rapport (found out she is playing saxophone for the college band), I try to use Ross Jeffries time distortion technique, so I asked her what kind of books she likes, and asked her to show me (we were at B&N) so she showed me the fiction, romance and drama section, then asked me about mine I showed her the self improvement section (trying to dhv) and pick up a book and asked her to read me a passage, and I kino some more with back rubbing, hips holding. Everything was fine then I wanted to see if she trusted my next move without even knowing it (read it somewhere) so I asked her to come with me, and she agreed, I try to time distort again and walked trough the mall into Victoria Secret lol. Begged her a little about her granny panties and kino some more.

We finally walked back to B&N and I ran mystery kiss gambit and she said "wait, not now." (shy a little) so I said I never said you could kiss me, and play it off ten ended day1.

On the last day of summer class I texted her saying I needed help with on of my chemistry homework, and she asked which one and I replied:
Me: The one about a very attractive and sexually charged young man, that want to get to know a different type of girl he ain't used to, if gotta be frank about it.
HB: lol ok
Me: Are you on your way, I gotta turn this homework in already lol.
HB: lol yea, where are you at the library?

So she came, we built more rapport and I did kino her a lot again, but when I went for the kiss she kinda acted up again saying "not here".

Now my question is what should I do with this one? Should I keep going for the k-close or what should I do? I kinda like her, and I need to know if I'm doing something wrong here.