Hey guys,I'll make it quick. Basically I have a smoking hot downstairs neighbor that a bit older, and that I'm thinking about f-close but dont know how. Ok a little background story:

I left home out sarging at the supermarket, and she was driving right behind me. So she ended up in the store too and I walked past her with my headphones on loud, so she signaled me to hold on, then she said you know it's against the law to drive with headphones, so I asked her playfully how she knew all that, and she said she used to work at the sheriff's office, and then asked my name, and I did the same. What really struck me is tha she didn't add th "Ms" before her name when introduced herself to me.
She was going to church so I asked her to give a small prayer for me and ejected. Afterward we just say hi and have small talk whenever we see each other and I always make sure I call her by her name.

Now the dilemma, she has a son probably my age and I know he will try to cockblock me also me and my girl stay together by the way. How can I engage her? I think she has something for me by her body language every time we meet, should I go balls out and knock at her door and tryna run game on her?