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    Default Facebook issues help!

    Hi guys,

    I need some help here. Iím 27 years old and I am not a great fan of online social networks like facebook, but about 4 years ago I created a facebook page because at that time I noticed that everybody had one and I was the only person who didnít have a facebook page. When I was meeting girls Iíve noticed that most of them thought that I was weird because of not having facebook. I always told them that I prefer talking face to face not through the internet and so on, but they always thought that not having facebook was strange and creepy. So I decided to create a facebook page, but now the situation is a lot worse than before.

    I have around 100 friends on facebook and the only comments I have there are from 5 or 6 people saying ďhappy birthdayĒ everytime I increase my age. I donít have recent photos with girls to put there (in order to show other people that I am an alpha male) because my only friends right now are nerdy guys from work. Basically Iíve been working on the IT industry for the past 6 years with a bunch of nerdy guys (most of them donít even have facebook pages), and unfortunately I donít talk with women as much as I wish. Iím trying right now to talk to women during weekends at some local activities and thatís it.

    Iím not very handsome, Iím bald, but I always dress nice and clean, so everytime I start conversation with a new girl and ask her to go to the cinema/take a coffee or something like that, she thinks to herself ďwell this guy is not a model for sure and he does not seem to be an alpha male, however he seems cool so I will give him a shot. 50/50 chanceĒ

    I live in a medium sized town and my issue here is that everytime I speak with a new girl, she sooner or later is going to check my facebook page or ask someone to show her my facebook page, and when she sees that I only have 100 friends and no comments/likes there, she automatically thinks that Iím a loser. Then when we meet again, she will always ask me: ďwhy donít you have friends on facebook? Why does nobody care about you and give you happy birthday?Ē and so on. I start saying that I donít care about facebook, blablabla, but inside her head she always thinks ďbald + not cute + few facebook friends + no alpha male photos = loser and creepy guyĒ.

    Basically Iíve been a loser since I was born but Iím trying to fix this right now because I want to change my life. I am able to make decent conversation with women but my facebook page is ruining it all.

    I donít know what to do. I donít like facebook and I donít like the idea of start adding random people and girls to be my facebook friends because I donít want to be known as a desperate guy. I didnít make much friends and contacts when I was younger so right now Iím on this awkward situation. Everyone has +300 friends and lots of comments from other people on their facebook pages. My facebook page is the opposite.

    Is it better to have a loser facebook page or no facebook page at all? 27 year old with no facebook = strange. 27 year old with no friends and comments on facebook = strange.

    I really donít know how to deal with thisÖ

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    Default Re: Facebook issues help!

    Damn, what kind of town do you live in?

    First off, you don't need to have a Facebook account to attract women. Any woman that says you do, or laughs at why you don't have one, or laughs at the amount of friends you have on it, that basically isn't a woman worth pursuing anyway. Plenty of people don't have Facebook accounts in general, or do have one with only 100-200 friends (but still have girlfriends/wives). It seems like a lot of women in that town are shallow and only care about social status (over a freaking website no less).

    Also, it seems like you have a problem with your inner game as well, and that's causing you to have really low-self esteem. Always think like this: "It isn't you that's the problem, it's her. I like who am I and I won't change for anybody. Anybody that hates that, tough luck."
    Always be honest with women. That's the true meaning of a PUA.

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