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    Default Thank you but I want more!

    So today i was thinking about my adventure of attempting to become a pick up artist and since the begging of my journey I have gone from my first kiss with a girl to my first F-close. So this is king of my unofficial thank you to the pick up community for what you have given me. So with that I'm not saying I have even reached anywhere near my goals.

    So I ask what books or articles do should I read to advance my game so far I can get any woman I desire. (or atleast 75% of them) After thinking for a bit I realise I seriously lack in the confidence department this is harder for me to fake since can barely hold eye contact and constantly remind myself to make it. But when I lock eyes with a girl I see as above me, (another problem) I will quickly look away or I will become almost uncomfortable and uneasy I also find going in for k-closes hard as hell since I've never been turned down as I am super precautions when I do go for it and don't but I feel like I miss many opportunities. so with having trouble keeping eye contact with anyone and going in for k closes. Another weak point of mine is creating attraction because to me its like driving with blind folds, I know the general direction but end up crashing in the friend zone more often than not.After winding up there I have no idea how to get out even though I know its possible.

    So my final questions are:

    1. How do I build confidence?
    2. Can I have a sample list of some IOI's to kind of give me a clue?
    3. How do I build attraction for a short term relationship (party hook up) aswell as long term (relationship)
    4. How do I get out of the friendzone or rather get women to see me as a sexual individual?

    Again thanks for everything you have given me I truly appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Thank you but I want more!

    Hi dude,

    First of all I need to warn you not to invest too much into PUA stuff, especially if you want to find a descent woman for a long-term relationship. I don't know about people on this forum but personally I've not seen even one PUA who could have a proper relationship with a descent woman! One of the PUA coaches that I've met in Sydney (and they charge $3990 for 3 sessions of coaching) is dating an Asian escort at the moment! You know what I mean?!

    A lot of PUA stuff are just some garbage to rip-off average guys like you. Check the Internet and you will see loads of cheesy material such as "Best Texts of All times", "How to sleep with 9999 girls in one week" and so on. You should be aware of those PUA coaches who spoon feed you so that you always need them and pay them to get help. It makes me giggle when I see those Testimonial videos on some PUA sites because they all look the same: A bald fat guy with a weird accent says: I had not kissed even one girl until the age of 40 but guess what.. I bought this product and now I am having sex with 20 women each week.. yiihah!

    Having said that, once you adjust your expectations, you can do this: You will set your goal as "Becoming an Alpha Male", which includes possessing a lot of positive traits, including being confident, which is your problem. If your goal be screwing as many woman as you can, you will become an unattractive AFC who needs psycho therapy. Do approaches and stuff like that as part of your AFC recovering program not as a tool to have more sex.

    As per your questions: To become more confident the best thing to do is to work on your inner game. Read Carlos Xuma's "Traits of Alpha Male" and do it's exercises. By no means you won't gain confidence if you don't practice in-field and you don't approach women.

    There are several posts and pages about IOIs and Attraction/Seduction on this forum. I personally think when a girl uses your name in a conversation and touches your arms you should take them as big IOIs. Also look for when they show signs of trusts. e.g. Yesterday I was with a girl who let me have her (unlocked) mobile phone while she was in toilet etc.

    Getting out of friend-zone is close to impossible but I still there might be some minor chances if you use "Pattern Interrupt" techniques. Again this one can be found if you Google it.


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