A topic that for sure has been discussed a lot in the pua community and on various forums but any case has its own particulates even at the end is the same

Reopening an old girl or target!

I have met her in a social event last September through a warm approach We were already fb friends and thus was not difficult to talk to her.Any way I gamed her well and number closed her easily. I was sure about the game from the reactions during the game and her response on the phone when I called her a few days after.

Anyway talking about the phone followed I farked it out completely !
I came across as needy,destroying all the game as well as failing a shit test when to met. And at that point the story ended and she never replied bask to my sms or answered the phone calls at that time.

Many things happened after that .I was living abroad and have now returned at my home town(we leave in the same city). Her younger brother suddenly died last January. I have being thinking for a lot of time to start again an interaction with her and was wondering how. I made a thought after her brother's loss maybe she did not want to date anyone or doesn't want to go out etc.The latest was true for a few months (quite understandable!) I messaged her last May for her birthday (she did not answered to the initial phone call) but no reply. I have avoided all this time to interact with her via facebook .She puts a lot of pictures,gets too many likes ,comments like you are so cute,gorgeous etc from both male and female friends of her etc.

On Saturday is her name-day(we do have name days in my country). I have been thinking to try to open her again with a simple but clever sms or a direct phone call but not sure how she will interact to my call(or if she is going to answer).I am sure could game her again if I get the opportunity to met her again. It may happen to meet her in the social cycle in the future but sure when.It can happen in a year,two years or for ever! We have some common friends but does not seem a good idea to ask those people to fix a meeting.

It has to be me again to start the interaction

What would you guys do in this case( a part from move one!)?

Thank you