Hey .. this should be an easy one but, just interested in anyone's take. We sometimes flirt/talk dirty to each other but we both understand it as a joke. This is the friend to girlfriend thing .. she doesn't take me seriously because she still sees me like a friend. Anyway, I went ahead and just asked her the other day, if she likes that kind of talk or not. She said when we do it she knows we're joking but in truth, she thinks it's disgusting and makes her laugh when she hears it. Personally, I think this is a GOOD thing.

We know that when someone hears something, the brain MUST generate an image to understand it and with that, some level of emotion. The fact that she finds it funny and understands that when we do it, we are joking tells me that in this way it will slip past her defenses. And whether she wants to or not, those images and emotions will be there. Just interested in feedback. Thanks!