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    Default i cant take this again. need help fast and big time........

    hey... i just lost all my power.
    this is the 3rd girl that i actually got my eye for the 2 others i got friendzoned. ivebeen reading pua for about a year now and ive been texting with this girl. getting POSITIVE vibes and all of that. now my good friend asked me if i liked her. (havent met her in person alone uknow so icant really say that i'd like her he would just tell her witchisbad ) so i told him thats a stupid question and he replied worst of the wors
    - ive been talking to her and we have been talking about seeing eachother ( thisdude has 0 game ) but i cant see her if u like her. i still said wow lol i got my eye for her and she is comming to thisparty on saturday with me. bla bla and he said he kinda liked her too but didnt wanna ruin shit. so i asked her have u been talkingwith my friend cause he just asked me if i liked u and shit and he says u said that me and u are only friends ( friendzone i cant take it again i havent been needy at all or anything. )

    she replies
    - ye. so how do you feel

    and i told her im intrested of ur personality and we havent been able to see eachother cause i work but as we are going to the same party now on saturday its a perfect time for us to see each other. we are diffrent but difference connects eachother like magnets.
    - she said ok. but u are going to the party ?
    -me: yes
    she: good cause it feels silly to put in in text can we take it there? feels like its easy to missunderstand on text ( WTIH A FLIRT SMILE )
    and i thought no if we meet on saturday and she gonna friendzone me im just gonna wow. it actually smells like a friendzone andi will tell u i cant take it a 3rd time. i just cant i will do something very stupid i guess u can guess what it is.... like i just cant ever take it never ever....
    so i said
    - no i can call u later and u can tell me how you feel.
    -she said okay we will see later
    i said good.

    so wtf to do now my heart just went the fuck down as i recieved positive vibes from her last night. like really positive....... i feel worthless and useless that if i fuck it up with this girl im gonna do something really bad. and if she likes my friend im scared to that aswell i just cant take it ever again i just cant impossible.... and i smell the fatest friendzone if i call her tonight. i dunno what im gonna tell her or rad out my feelings for her. i DONT wanna get friendzoned i CANT get friendzoned. but i dont wanna get my hopes up on saturday and it can destroy a whole party. just help me big time i dont know what to do im freaking out so fucking much. i planned to hit on her kino escalate on saturday cause she was positive but i dont even know anymore...... help me im dying.....

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    Default Re: i cant take this again. need help fast and big time........

    The more you think you'll mess it up the more your subconscious will try to mess up the date. Take it one step at a time, call her first and see where that goes
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Default Re: i cant take this again. need help fast and big time........

    Aaaah, the good old "do you like me?" is a very dangerous one. Let's examine it.

    You cannot say "no". Or any other avoiding/negative answer. That would disqualify you, and the interaction is too advanced, so you would end up in the friendzone.

    You cannot say "yes". Or any other affirmative answer. That would kill all the mystery and the tension, and she wouldn't feel the need to do anything else. Even more through text/call, as face to face allows you to use body language to keeo tension.

    So what do you do? You hint for the "yes", but keeping a part of mystery and tension.

    "Who knows? I've been known to like mean/flirty/racist/[any ENG] girls "

    "Seriously? 'Do you like me?' Are we back in high school?"

    "You need a better pickup line if you want to get me, girl"

    And so on. Hope that helps!
    Seduction is a martial art. Reading books and talking to experts is important, and helpful. But you won't progress unless you go out there and fight.

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    Default Re: i cant take this again. need help fast and big time........

    Sounds like you've had a rough time my friend. Let me tell you something...if I ever hear a woman say we were just friends, I smile and just say ok. Cause I know they are just words. That I can still escalate physically as long as I don't verbally acknowledge the escalation.

    I hear this a lot with women I meet who have bfs. They can't admit they like you because of that bf. It's not impossible to get out of the friendzone and unless you have shared a bed with her without doing anything, talked about other guys with her and even gave her advice, or if she tries to hook you up with her friends you are NOT friendzoned. It's false. Fake. Not real. You just need to develop attraction. That simple.

    Check out my thread on attraction and maybe it'll shed some light on things you have or have not been doing.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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