Hi guys,

I posted a question about fixing a bad first impression a while ago. As I mentioned in that post I froze her out for 3 weeks after a first date in which I did too much kino, and after 3 weeks I took the HB out on a date which went well.

At some point she said "You just see me as a woman and not a person", which meant "You just want to have sex with me". She said it because of my too much kino on the first date of course! I actually teased her on this one and said "Well as of now I will see you as a man... I will call you Vladimir Putin, how's it? ;-) ". After that I said "Look, I like you and I am happy to slow down but I want you to make a move too. Or maybe you are just after a friend? In that case I must make you sure that I don't want to be your just-friend". And she said "no I don't want a friend but I am not ready for a relationship now".

What does this vague "I am not ready for a relationship now" mean really? 6 months ago a Polish girl did say the same thing to me but a couple of days later she was in bed with me! But this HB is very passive and never texts me until I do text her. And she only brings her chick for me to get kissed, she kisses the air instead of kissing my check

Am I wasting my time?!!