So this is a partially true story. Any tips or tweaks from knowledgable guys would deffinately help and will be used tonight! I`ll let you know how it works lol. Any opinionsÉ. Also É = question mark.

Hey guys, would give james franco your phone number.

Cool, well this girl i was in an open relationship with, actually got hit on him at the w hotel a few months back!

Apparently it was during one of those, what are they called, film festivals. Anyways, she was staying in toronto cause she was doing some modeling, and i was giving a talk at the hotel down the block`so we decided to get a really nice room for the weekend. Might as well rightÉ As im taking a shower, she goes out to get us some food,and as she`s walking back to room we were staying in, James franco walks up to her and tells her she`s beautiful! He explains that he`s there for some fesitval and tell her there`s a party going on later that night. So obviously you give james franco your number right. I mean at least you would get to meet some cool people at that party! But no, she says, get this, ``I will go if Ryan Gosling will be there, and you promise to introduce me.`` So he`s like obviously offended and walks away. How can you have such a big ego... I mean yea shès pretty but looks are common! Anyways, you guys would never say something like that would you, i mean how rude.