So I'm new to the game. Just getting out of a 10 year marriage....lots of drama, basically she banged a bunch of guys while I was away on a deployment and had affairs after I returned as well. She was a total mess and I was a total mess until I moved out and got my life back in order.

Anyways, I read The Game, studied the PUA community and finally regained my Alpha and self-respect.

I started gaming last weekend, and I've K-Closed 4 girls in the last week and N-Closed 5 girls. I'm definitely not being picky. They range from 4s-7s, but I don't really care, its fun flirting and kissing women. I'm having trouble F-Closing. I can't seem to get the girl to fark on the first night. Is this common? It seems like I'm starting from scratch the next day when I text them.

Should I limit the kissing I do in bars? When I kiss them, I usually tell them they're a good kisser or compliment something else....I'm thinking I basically validate them, then they don't have a need to f-close.