So I've been talking to this amazing girl for about 2 months now. Only thing I am having trouble with is that she is like one of the Dudes, she is a baseball fanatic, the majority of her friends are guys, is super country (which I love), and dresses down the majority of the time (t-shirt and shorts pretty much). Only thing, I'm not a baseball fanatic, I'm not a country boy, and I dress classy as hell (I'm in a fraternity and work at Brooks Brother. Classy). We have a lot of things that are different about us, but someone we are still attracted to each other (we fark all the time and its the best I've had). We do have things in common, but I'm afraid its not enough.

I would like us to have more things in common, but at the same time I don't want to seem like I'm trying to change for her cause that is weak stuff. I'm still maintaining my values, but sometimes I am afraid to disagree with her and have her lose interest in me.

*Side note: She is very open about the previous guys that she has been with and all, which to me is very unattractive and I called her out on it... She also stated to me one day how easy it is for girls to get some, and that she could probably text 3 guys and they would be over in an instant (not classy at all)... She is always texting other guys, but she reassures me that they are just friend. At first I had a problem with it, but then I just thought about being Alpha and stopped caring and constantly asking her who she was texting.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated Gentlemen.
Thank you. (apologize for the long report, just wanted to get as much info out there)