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    Default Competition Challenges Based On Your Input!

    Tonight Gentleman, is the challenge of the year. Its been decided tonight there is a will have a competition with a set task list. Winner gets his Tab at the bar covered by the losers. First off I'd like to thank this site and it's bounty of information that you "Advocates of social charm" bestow. My friends and I have never been so confident! The only reason we decided to have a competition tonight was because I am moving to Toronto in the near future and this seemed like a fun going away party with my bro's! ( Plus I'm going to win myself a night of drinking through talking to women, Win-Win.)

    So we have a set list with a corresponding point value!

    Free Form Phone Close - 10pts
    There are no rules, use your own style to obtain the number
    Accent Number Close Challenge - 10pts
    Consistently staying in an Accent without ever dropping it. She is not allowed to know you don't have an accent til after the close.
    Catch Your Own Lie Number Close - 10pts
    Create an abstract lie about yourself, and reveal that lie to her before the number close. She must believe the lie first and then you back track.
    Birthday Boy - 2 pts per HB
    It's our buddy's birthday and he is awful with women. We figured we'd give him a hand.

    But Experts! We are up for the Challenge!
    Any challenge from an Expert is regarded as 30pts. Everyone playing is a well informed student, don't be afraid to make it incredibly difficult. That's kind of what we are going for!

    Crash & Crew

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    Default Re: Competition Challenges Based On Your Input!

    So how would you know if someone is telling the truth or not? Won't we need some kind of evidence?
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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