AFC’s and a Lack of a Wingman

Last night I went out solo to a club for the first time in my life. It was a great experience because I was not alone for long. I also think that going alone gave me a great chance to think about game and understand social dynamics more without having to worry about paying attention to my friends.

I was able to open a 2 set HB6 and HB8 who were drinking at a table. My plan was to get them onto the dance floor and use them as pivots. Unfortunately I failed at this. The HB8 was quite shy, and the HB6 didn’t want to part with her friend. By the end of the night I was able to make out with the HB6 and number close her to build a time bridge. But I really needed a wing man, there were just too many obstacles and I couldn’t disarm them alone. The HB8 ended up making friends with this wasted chick and that was bad because then when the chick got really drunk she felt responsible for her. If I had a wing man I’m sure we could have location changed to the dance floor.

After I had opened the set with these girls, so many other guys came and hit on the girls, but all of them got rejected almost strait away. They all make the same mistake. The go strait up to the HB8 with total disregard for anyone in her social network, they don’t body rock, they don’t use false time constraints, and they don’t use any DHV’s. The AFC’s just basically go up and say, “hey I want to spend the rest of then night here talking to you because I am attracted to you, and I want to form a sexual relationship with you” without giving the HB any reason to like them. This is something that AFC’s need to understand, you need to give the girl a reason to like you.

Why was I able to score and get accepted by these girls? I gave them a reason to like me. I demonstrated, that I was willing to walk away at any moment (Body Rocking), and it would have been nothing to me. I was interesting (enough lol. I used openers, which showed that I was doing more than just hitting on them becasue they were HB’s. For example “I dont know why I felt like talking to you, but I think it may have been because of your hair and the shirt you are wearing, it looks cool and reminds me of X” and used DHV’s strait away. I talked about how I’m going on a date with a model tomorrow (which is true)。 I talked about how I am opening a cafe in two weeks. I showed a video of myself being interview on TV on my phone. I qualified, and I understood what I needed to do to qualify. I talked about how much I love my sisters, and how I always want to protect them ect.

You have to become a loving and caring human being in their eyes not be just a d1ck in a bar with nothing better to do with his life than hit on girls.

These girls were bored they wanted a cool guy to come and hit on them. But, they don’t want some looser who is just in the club because he is loanley and he is hitting on them because he hasn’t been able to get another girl.

This is exactly what girls are going to think, unless you give them a reason to think something else. They will just think you are a loanley looser who is unable to get any other girls, unless you actually show them, that you don’t need them, and you actually have more going for you in your life than just being in this bar.

The fact is that I was actually the real loanley looser. I came to the club alone. I didn’t have any friends (with me at that time) I didn’t have anything better to do than go and hit on girls. The AFC’s were all there with friends some with female friends. I guess this is the cool thing about running game. It’s not about an objective reality (if there is such a thing) it’s about the reality that is in the mind of the target. That is why I was only a loanley looser that night for about an hour.

I don’t actually think there is that much difference between me and the average AFC. But, I think that I know tactics and use them and I think about it from a girls perspective and run game.