Facts about myself
1. middle class {money}
2. slim build

Important facts?

We have been on a few outings
{she has shown signs of wanting more called me honey and has called our outings dates}
she states often she is not looking for a serious relationship

My goal- to get laid/get laid a few times

after a Long make-out session I got a BJ

2-4 days later I ask her out on a weekday
she rejects and says I would rather do something on the weekend I listed a day and time{on the weekend} and she stated she was busy
...ill let you know...

sense it would be odd of me not to see her again {the school}
I did light interactions {only in class} and flirted with other girls
{I was not thinking of pursing her, just on to the next one}

Until she asked me for a some advice then pulled me by my hand, and has acted less flirty than before in our interactions.

my question is were do I stand and what should my next action be?