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    Angry My Sticking Point.. Assistance?

    I'm in the military, so here's the deal. We hit port, we have to be in our hotel by 2359 (one minute to midnight) every night we go out.

    SOOOoooooo when I have opened a set, built attraction, comfort, kino, and a kiss close, there is still no way to make a girl want to leave before the party even starts. She came out to party, not to be my party, and that doesn't start until 11:30 usually.. I can kiss close even with a huge language barrier but there is no way for me to charm her out of her friends, her night, and her plans before the clock strikes midnight.

    What to do?

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    Default Re: My Sticking Point.. Assistance?

    I might be seeing the problem here, but I have to know this: is the target usually with her group when you are trying to close her? If so, then that is the reason. If you don't completely isolate her from the group, then she will remain dependent on the group.

    There's another problem though: if the group does not fully approve of you, they will not back you up. As I have learned from David X, the opinion and dynamics of the group can affect the decisions of the target in question. If you win the group, you win the target.

    So how do you do both when they are two completely different things?

    Simple: you do one, and then the other. First you win over the group, and then you isolate the target, get alone in the booth somewhere, build up attraction and keep her anticipating for more until she just can't control herself anymore. You then tell her that you two should make a change of scenery, you go back to the hotel room, and then presto! Success is in your grasp

    Oh! One last thing: the key to all of this though is to have patience and hold her off. If you immediately let her jump on you and make out with you at the bar, then she would have gotten her fill. She's not going to invest the effort to go from the bar to the hotel. You have got to keep her waiting all the while sexually escalating things. It's the factor that she will go crazy that will cause her to go to the hotel with you.
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