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    Default Field tested stripers last night

    Went to a strip club last night. It wasn't all that busy. Walked in with a friend who is AFC. I was testing to see if Funny/laid back would work in a strip club. I was the most attractive guy there. I was rejecting private dances showing I wasnt desperate while tipping well when they would dance on stage. One striper told me she was going to give me her number but never came back(didn't expect her to). How should we act in strip clubs? Personally I don't like them because I know its guys who can't get laid and I feel I have to much going for me to have to pay for girls. Advice guys?

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    Default Re: Field tested stripers last night

    You're not suppose to tip them. You become an instant client and lose all influence over her. I've only been to a stripclub once in my life (I don't like the idea of paying for blue balls), but when I did go I didn't tip. Made one of the strippers angry but eh. Does sound like an interesting venue to game. I may get into it myself someday.

    I'm sure one of the other guys has more experience, but I'm pretty certain about the non-tipping rule.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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    Default Re: Field tested stripers last night

    "I don't like paying for blue balls" haha good one because its true. I'm still learning but I figure it would be fun to experiment. Definitely feel like a loser paying tips for tits.

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    Default Re: Field tested stripers last night

    Here is a link to picking up a stripper from Mods please delete my post if it is against the code of conduct. I apologize if it is.

    How To Pick Up A Stripper

    Every (real) man has fantasized about hooking up with a pole dancer, and with these tips, you'll be her only audience.

    By The Player, Pickup Specialist

    Page 1: Exotic dancer

    Credit: For most men, bedding a stripper is the ideal fantasy. Most exotic dancers are hot, sexy, and can be real animals in the sack. For these reasons, they have become a most sought after trophy. But before you head down to your local strip club to play Mary-go-round-the-pole, let me humor you with a few words of advice that will help you get laid without your having to lose your shirt in the process.

    Unlike most women you'd meet in the streets, these particular roses are a little thornier than usual. Dating strippers has many complications, the first of which is their volatile backgrounds; the second one is their love and devotion to the Benjamins; the third is their lack of confidence; and the fourth is their constant need for reassurance about their looks and intelligence.

    With these four key issues in hand, you're already halfway to dating a stripper without ever falling victim to one whose intention is to take you to the cleaners. So which strippers should you approach and which ones should you avoid?

    beauty & the beast

    In general, you have two types of strippers. And although they all generally have some sort of childhood trouble, you should avoid the addicts. You can usually tell who's who by the establishment they work in.

    A gentleman's club usually hires women who have a little more intellect, a tad more class and a business-like drive for cash.

    These women are more reserved about whom they date, but they're usually attracted to men who have good jobs, and show some sort of respect for their profession. This is the type of stripper you should be aiming to score with.

    On the other side of the dance pole, you have less respectable, seedy establishments whose sole purpose is to turn a buck from illegal activity and exploit the girls that work in such establishments.

    The women who work at these clubs usually have nastier psychological issues, are addicts of some sort, have a criminal element in their lives, and have a higher tendency to be carriers of STDs. They're usually attracted to bad boys who like to party it up and have an unlimited supply of drugs and money to support their habits.

    Spotting these two distinguishing characters is very crucial in order to avoid a lot of future headaches, and wasting your time and money on brainless chicks.

    On to your guide to dating a stripper...
    Page 2: Pole dancer

    your guide to dating a stripper

    So how do you pick up an exotic dancer without having to leave a line of nose candy for her to follow back to your bachelor pad, and without having to make her car payments and pay her rent, not to mention paying for and helping support that boyfriend and possibly some kids you don't know about?

    The following is a step-by-step guide that I've followed for many years now. Although there are no guarantees, it will improve your chances of dating a stripper.

    1- Your objective
    You should always approach a stripper with the objective of dating her rather than scoring. Most exotic dancers are experienced enough to know what you're after. A lot of these women meet men who try to score with them every night. Showing a little respect and friendship from the start will better serve you down the road.

    2- Stand out
    You have to make yourself stand out from the rest of the guys out there. Instead of sitting around like a zombie with drool hanging from your mouth, you have to make it seem like you are going there to relax with the boys and not solely to check out strippers.

    Most women are money hungry and if you want to get some attention, the best way of going about it is by dressing to impress. If you don't look like you have money, strippers aren't going to give you the time of night.

    Finally you need to be in shape. If you are overweight, your chances of getting her attention without having to wave a few green bills around just disappeared.

    3- The money you'll need
    Why would you want to give your money to a stripper? You're a player and you shouldn't be giving in to these tactics. Of course, sometimes you need a little cash to get her attention, but that doesn't mean you should be giving it to her. Your style and clothes should get her attention and communicate how much dough you have.

    However, when it's a busy night, you might need some cash to get her attention, and charm to keep her interested. The amount of cash you initially need depends on three factors: (1) your looks; (2) your charm; (3) your physique. Evidently, the better looking you are, the better your physique is, and the more fun you are to talk to, the less money you'll need.

    If you're a smooth talker, you can get a stripper without having to spend a dime. However, most average guys will need an initial investment that will buy them an hour's worth of her time. If you're an average guy, this should buy you enough time to pique her interest.

    The best time to approach and which strippers to hit on...
    Page 3: Lap dancer

    Credit: MatrixContent.com4- Best time to approach
    You have to remember that these women are at strip clubs to make a buck. So you're better off waiting for the end of the night to make your move; I suggest you get to the strip club an hour before closing time to make your move. Usually by this time, she's made her cash, and is more likely to spend the rest of the night with you. This gives you a chance to make a friendly connection and invite her to an after-hours party.

    What do you do if she approaches you first? Remember that it's her job to sell you a fantasy, so don't fall into the "Do you want a lap dance?" situation. If you give in to this situation, she will realize that you are just like the other guys in the club. If she asks if you want a dance, politely decline. Remember; you want her to sit with you without having the song counter running.

    5- Who do you approach?
    Newcomers and amateurs are the easiest girls to pick up. The longer they have been in the industry, the more corrupt they are. Two very simple ways to find out how long they've been dancing is by, (1) asking them how long they have been dancing for, or (2) making friends with the club's "resident" DJ. The DJ knows the entire scoop on all the girls that enter the club. Make sure you stick to girls that have just started.

    6- Try to get her alone
    Like any other situation where you approach a woman, it is a lot easier for you to get the girl alone so you can talk to her one on one.

    When she walks by you, grab her hand, excuse yourself and ask her name. Then introduce yourself and tell her that you'd like to speak to her some time, but that you don't want her to strip for you. All you want is a little time to get to know her. Ask her if she'd be interested in joining you for a drink. This takes balls, but most strippers are attracted to this kind of confidence.

    Since you're not paying for her time, the least you can do is offer her a drink when she agrees to sit beside you. Then you can begin your task of intriguing her.

    So what do you talk about when she agrees to sit with you? Well the last thing you want to tell her is how hot she is, that she should be a model or that she shouldn't be working in such an establishment or anything even related to her job. That's what all the other men say. Remember; you want to stand out.

    Although most strippers have no problems revealing their bodies for a few bucks, most of these same women rarely reveal anything personal about their lives. And so if you wish to be successful, you need to convince a dancer to reveal more than just her voluptuous curves -- you need to convince her to reveal her mind to you.

    Find out what she's really like because once she opens up to you, then you are more than three quarters of the way there. If you can get her to talk about things outside of work such as what she does in her spare time, what her hobbies are, her education, her childhood, or other places that she likes to hang out, you have already made yourself more interesting than the other guy.

    Although most strippers look confident on stage, many of them have low self-esteem, require constant reassurance, and are desperate for affection and companionship; if you understand this, you will have an added advantage.

    For example, while most men are complimenting them on their looks, you can compliment their intelligence instead and criticize their looks (in a respectful and constructive manner using Negative hits).

    In order to complement her need to be respected intellectually, you can say things like, "Wow you're a smart girl." Or "That's a very interesting point, I never saw things that way." Or "Your intelligence really impresses me."

    As for negative hits, this usually work well too...

    Page 4: Top exotic dancers

    You: Okay I have to be honest with you. I think you have a nice smile, but I find your hair funny.

    Her: What do you mean?

    You: Well, it kind of looks like a mullet!

    Her: You're kidding right?

    You: No, not really, but hey it's okay, no one's perfect.

    During the entire time you are talking to her, show her that you are a great guy, that you make a decent living, and that you are not desperate.

    7- Close the deal

    Now that you have developed a relationship or a bond with her, you need to break it open by asking her out. You have two basic methods:

    A- First, tell her that you are heading down to an after-hours club tonight and that you'd like her to go with you. If you "greased" her right with your conversation, about 30% of strippers will take you up on your offer. But that doesn't mean that the remaining 70% aren't interested.

    Most strippers are a little cautious about leaving alone with a stranger the first night. Some strippers might ask if they can bring a friend along. Knowing that a lot of them are bisexual, my philosophy to that is, the more the merrier.

    If however, she refuses the offer, then you try the next method:

    B- Tell her that you would like to see her outside of the club and that you want to meet her for lunch on Monday or Wednesday (slow working nights). Then exchange numbers.

    player tips

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    Never give her your number without getting hers.
    Never approach a stripper when you're drunk.
    Never go to a strip club alone. I suggest you bring female friends or, better yet,
    Always ignore the strippers until you're ready to make your move.
    Pay the waiter or waitress for your drinks with big bills; they usually communicate to the strippers which clients have big bucks.
    Never pay for her time. The general rule is that if you pay them, then you become a client and she will never date you for two main reasons:

    A- By dating you, she might lose a good-paying client.
    B- She knows that the moment you pay for her, it means that you bought her and might no longer respect her.

    try, try again

    You can do everything right and still not impress a stripper because picking up an exotic dancer can be just as difficult as meeting regular women. And, in most cases, it has nothing to do with you. Even if you follow the steps outlined above, don't be surprised if you get rejected. The important rule here is to not take it personally and try, try again. It happens often and here are a few stats to explain why:

    90% of strippers never sleep with a man the first night they meet him.
    30% of strippers are lesbians.
    70% of strippers never date a man they meet at work.
    60% of strippers have boyfriends.
    All strippers have admitted to cheating on their boyfriends at one time or another.
    80% of strippers admit to having used controlled substances -- cocaine being their number one choice and marijuana coming in at a close second.
    90% of strippers admit to going on dates with "good clients" with the intention of keeping his gracious business around. When asked how many had sex with said clients (off the record), all admitted they had at one time. However, most never sleep with good clients anymore because they admitted to having lost said clients after they got the goods.
    All experienced strippers admitted to having had a lot more sex with clients in their earlier years than they do at present.
    All strippers like buff guys who are really handsome. They also like said guys to have great jobs.
    a word of caution

    If you have the chance to get her number, understand that a stripper requires more time and much more effort than any other girl. If you date them for any amount of time, don't expect them to quit dancing just because they've begun dating you. If you make such a request, she'll think you're insecure and can't handle her career choice -- a real turnoff in the stripper world.

    Also note that even if you don't date her, you can always aim to be her friend because she obviously has friends who are also dancers that you'll eventually be introduced to.

    And one last word of caution; you might have the impression that if a woman is good at shaking her boobies on stage, then it must apply to the bedroom too. Not necessarily true!

    Exotic dancers are just like the rest of the women in this world and are well represented in all varieties and personalities. A killer on the pole won't necessarily be a killer on your pole. Remember that.

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