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    Default Dayclub Game? AKA Pool Party Club

    I'm going to Vegas labor day weekend with 2 girls and one other guy (other guy has very little game, but a good friend). We're planning on going to a dayclub one day which is pretty much a pool party (w/ alcohol) where everyone wears their bikinis and swim trunks. I'm 22 years old, very white, skinny, abs slightly show but definitely no six pack, if any of this matters.

    How should I game the hot girls in bikinis? This is one thing I have absolutely 0 experience doing. Both the girls I'm comin with are into me (I hooked up with both of them at different times when we were drunk), and they're both 8's, so they add a bit of social proof. Should I treat it just like nightclub game? Direct or indirect openers? Any advice?

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    Default Re: Dayclub Game? AKA Pool Party Club

    I live on the East Coast but I went to a casino sponsored pool party one time and it was similar to a bar/nightclub atmosphere. A lot of people standing around socializing. Everyone is there to socialize and nobody is in a rush to go anywhere so indirect should work fine.

    I live in an apartment complex with a pool so I'll give you my technique for getting numbers of girls sitting down or you could try Davexxx method (I couldn't use his because of the layout of my pool)

    1) Sit down near her.

    2) Open her by asking how she can read her phone/tablet in the sun if she has one, or ask her how the water is, or if a bee/wasp buzzes by let her know and start a conversation that way. It's important when you do the opener that if she doesn't immediately look over keep talking and don't get flustered. Most likely she didn't immediately realize that you were talking to her or maybe sun made her tired etc.. . Chances are she's not blowing you off.

    3) Talk with her and if the conversation is going well start talking about places you like or want to check out. If you find something you have in common then suggest going there together and make getting her number incidental. This last one is probably good advice in any situation.

    Last 4 girls I've used this on I've gotten 3 numbers. Obviously though it depends how well the conversation goes.

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