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Thread: (long) Want feedback on second night out

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    Default (long) Want feedback on second night out

    Hello guys,
    tonight was my second night out in the field. Me and my friends went to the nightclub. I was like: lets approach! Let's go! I went in for my first set then I froze out. Didn't go. Then I went full chode. Chilling with my friends in the dance floor. I just didn't have the balls to approach. One of my friends went for a set and got blown off. I was like "oh damn I need to approach, sh1t!" The chode within had taken over. Then I took a deep breath, went for a tequila shot. Went to the bathroom, washed my face with cold water and said to myself "GO, DAMN IT! APPROACH!" I popped some mentos because of the tequila and went in a set with a seven. Took a deep breath and boom! Jumped in. My interaction with the girl:

    Me: "Hi, whats your name?"
    Girl: "Mary, what about you?"
    Me: "I'm john. Can you do me a favor?"
    Girl: What?
    Me: Reject me so I can go home happy!
    Girl laughed a lot and asked me: Why would you be happy if I reject you?
    Me: I am picking girls up and warming up
    Girl: I cant reject you right now (Looked like some sort of IOI)
    Me: Ok then... I have three questions
    Girl: Ok...
    Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
    Girl: No (I think another IOI)
    Me: Do you think I'm attractive?
    Girl: I don't know... (some smile)
    Me:What's your excuse not to kiss me right now?
    Girl: I don't have an excuse (first blow out I guess)
    I went in for the kiss and she gave me the cheek... Then I laughed and kept the interaction going... asked for a female opinion, tossed a lot of random stuff because I was a running out of subjects to talk about...
    Then she rejected me for real haha
    Anyways, I think I learned a bit... it was like the third set i've opened in my life. What can I do to improve my game? Not to lose subject? Gain more courage to approach without alcohol? For one side, I went home happy because of the single set I've opened and got some IOI's. On the other hand, i've paid like 25 bucks plus some considerable money for the drinks and got nervous. I've studied all this inner game pick up theory, seemed so easy... when I went infield I froze the hell out... I mean, on my first time infield I did this amazing pick up... got the phone. I feel like I'm putting too much money on the line and practicing too little because of lack of courage. I am a noob at this. The real results like kiss closes, dates, sex and stuff... its normal to take long to happen? I don't practice daygame, just night... every weekend. It is not enough? I need to put myself out there more? how to stop feeling chode? I know a lot of theory, but I grew a pair to at least go out of my house very recently.

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    Default Re: (long) Want feedback on second night out

    Hey man, keep at it.
    Yur opener its too general unless you gyrated some form of interest from the girl she may be non responsive
    write down some opinion openers or glean.once you have their attention
    move into runing game.the girl was attracted to you on approach thats why she didn't reject you or was hesitant at your stage yu must train yourself to get used to the fact that you are using an opinion opener and transitioning to building attraction.the frame too was a bit dlv(am going to get rejected sort of).overall once you get used to this paradigm which should be after a couple of bouts you should be fine.

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    Default Re: (long) Want feedback on second night out

    Just keep approaching, it will get better over time. Good job that you went for the approach!

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