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    Default How to go from dating/hooking up to a relationship?

    There's a girl a like a lot, want to make her my girlfriend. We've went on 2 dates and made out on the second one. How do I turn this into a full on relationship? After more dates do I just ask her? Or should I not label things and keep going on dates? I just wanna make sure we're both exclusive and don't know how about asking if she is.

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    Default Re: How to go from dating/hooking up to a relationship?

    Just tell her you want things exclusive and state the reason why. There's nothing needy or weak about eing honest and showing what you want.
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    Default Re: How to go from dating/hooking up to a relationship?

    I actually prefer to wait until she says something. I remember when I thought me and this woman were just plain "on" and that she wanted more with me. All the signs were there and I went for it and got shot down. Never was the same after that. Even lost her. Messed up thing was I didn't even want it that much. Thought she just wanted it and I was gonna offer it to her. It really is best to wait for her. But that doesn't mean you have to wait a long time.

    This may sound a bit off...but you have to sleep with her as fast as possible. I know you may be a guy who doesn't mind taking it slow. I am also one of those. But understand that the longer you take to move onto that next level the more chances you are giving other guys to sleep with her and she'll leave you behind.

    Women tend to sleep with only one guy at a time (besides a select few), but if you do it faster she will backwards rationalize. Meaning she will justify to herself that the reason she must have slept with you so fast is that it's because she really likes you. She'll find reasons to like you more so she feels good about the decision she made to sleep with you so fast. And she will more than likely offer the relationship to you sooner because of this backwards rationalizing just to not feel stupid for falling for a one night stand.

    Like I said, you may not mind taking things slow and making that first time special. I get that. But I also want results. One of those "ends justifies the means" kind of things. I guarantee that if you do this fast and just sit back and wait for her to come to you about the idea of a relationship you'll feel better about being in such a strong position that she is waiting on YOU to say yes versus you waiting on her.
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