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    Default Arguments in a LDR- what to do?

    I met a cool girl when I was traveling in Central America. We started chatting on facebook after I left, then on Skype, and over the course of a few months and me gaming each time she has warmed up significantly to the point where she sends me texts during the day and calls me 'lindo' which means beautiful. I enjoy travel so I'm going to visit in late September.
    She is guarded and reserved, but like I said she's warmed up a lot; last night she asked me a specific sexual question (would you have sex with a girl on her period). I figured the doors were open to anything; I asked her if she's a virgin because I sense she may be. She got a little weird after that, didn't want to answer, and the conversation ended badly.
    Is there a good way to move forward with this? I apologized for asking her the question but it shifted her whole mood and I couldn't say anything right after that. I was thinking of giving it a few days to see if she gets back to me.

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    Default Re: Arguments in a LDR- what to do?

    Long distance is tough my friend. Trust me I know. Good luck with that.

    Actually that question is not a big deal. I think it has to do with more of a cultural thing than something about her. Her culture just may not be as sexually liberated as yours (assuming you're from the U.S.). And apologizing may or may not have hurt you depending on how you did it. Best to change the subject and play down that whole thing so it doesn't become a big deal. Something along the lines of "Awe you're so shy it's cute. It's ok. You don't have to answer. By the way..."
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