If you want to score you need to ignore!!!!!!

If you are going to get good at this game you need to learn when interacting with a girl will make her like you more, and when interacting with a girl will make her like you less.

It does not matter what has happened between you and the girl before. You need to communicate to her that you care about her and her feelings, but you also need to communicate that you are a busy and important and motivated guy with more important things to do than just talking to her.

A friend of mine, has recently damaged his future prospects with a girl who he has farked, by being too clingy and needy afterwards.

You need to show strength. These are the kind of things what you should be saying to her after you have hooked up. These are good things to say at the right time. Its push and pull. You show that you want her, but you also protect yourself against looking needy by pulling away, and this is exactly what makes the girl attracted, without fear of being suffocated by your insecure bullsh1t.

I enjoy talking to you, but I have this important work I need to do right now

god dam it its annoying I am still thinking about you, I am too busy for this right now

sh1t you annoy me, you made me care about you, what did you do that for?

Dont say sh1t like this

baby I just had such a great time with you I miss you so much

baby I need you so bad

Baby when will we see each other again?

fark, this is what a looser says when he needs a HB to protect him against his own insecure bullsh1t. I get angry when I write about this kind of thing, but its because I have seen so many guys fark up their chances with a girl with this garbage, so I feel I need to send the message strong.