Hey guys, so right now I've been talking to this girl but at times she plays hard to get. So right now I'm just trying to not spend a lot of time with her so she doesn't take me for granted. She asked me to chill a couple times the last two weeks but I said I was busy. She was over at my place two nights ago with some of my friends and people were saying it was a little awkward between us, she was talking the entire time until I got there then she just got quiet. We said hey whats up and that was about it. Yesterday I hit her up to chill but she never hit me back. She's not the best texter but she's never ignored one of my texts. So I dont know if I'm looking into it too much or what. Did I mess up somewhere, is there anything I could've done better and can do? I'm supposed to see her today as were in the same organization and I dont know how to go about the situation.