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Thread: The Game - Has it evolved to a new dimension?

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    Default The Game - Has it evolved to a new dimension?

    Yes it has

    Thanks for reading my post.

    Guy Mitchley

    Just kidding, let me explain to you why I think it has evolved.
    You see, long time ago the PUA world was secret and seemed like everyone who was a PUA has super powers.

    Then our good friend exposed it to the world, but we men took it and before you know it, everyone knows the techniques and formulas.
    Now you go with a few PUA's into a venue and within minutes the whole room is ruined.

    You see, I know a few PUA's and for 99% of them, its a numbers game.
    They have a few openers and routines they use and hope that some girl will fall for it.

    There is no style anymore, and no skill. at all, not even a little. Just because you know how to trick women, but women are no longer falling this.
    Its like me telling you, Do not think of a blue elephant. Its that easy to trick you.

    But what if I made you think of it with me saying anything?

    What if every time I want to pull a girl, I do.

    What if I can get a girl to come over to me and kiss me without saying a word.

    You see gentlemen, why play with a nuke and destroy everything when you can play with a sniper and have a lot more fun with true style?

    I can get a girl to approach me, kiss me, give their number to me with me asking and to make matters worse, in front of their boyfriend.

    Whats even more amazing, the girls that I am seeing know that I teach guys to be pick up artist, and they believe I never used game on them, simply because I got them to approach me. So they feel special and like the exception.

    There is a new way to play, and its beautiful. Its like playing with a new dimension.

    To be continued...

    Guy Mitchley

    A book coming soon, by Guy Mitchley
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