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    Default Deconstructing Game, and PUA frauds

    I'm curious to know your guys take on how this guy views PUA. I gotta get running, but I'll post my view's on it sometime soon.

    Deconstructing Game, and PUA frauds - YouTube

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    Default Re: Deconstructing Game, and PUA frauds

    I have replied to his video and will also make a video response.

    Here is what I replied. Watch the video and then read my response.

    Dear barbarossa

    I am Guy Mitchley, I am a dating coach and I teach men how to pick up women, how to date, how to improve relationships and in some cases how to rescue a failing relationship. I also am hired by a local dating service to teach guys how to date.
    I teach guys to do this not meet and sleep with as many women as possible but to practice so that when the right women comes along then they know what to do.
    You think itís that complicated, no you made it complicated in your head. The human brain is not that complicated when it comes to social scenarios and how we choose a mate. There are patterns and science has decoded them.
    For example if I told you not to think of a blue elephant then you canít help but to think of it.
    Not if I donít mention it and tell you to stop thinking about it, you are still thinking about it, this time I have not mentioned the colour animal but you are still thinking about it. See how easy you can trick the brain.
    Your understanding of what an alpha male is wrong. Simply itís a leader of men, women and the male who can protect and provide. This is as simple as it gets. Once you learn and understand that, is it not possible to become an alpha male? Are you saying by wanting to become this we surrender to female sexual dominance and in your words somehow we are misogynists?
    By the way a misogynist is someone who hates women, if anything you could have called us womanizers and that would be closer to the truth.
    I encourage you to read more on this topic and you will see that you are wrong. But from your video I feel that you might be stubborn. But why? Why make the effort to make this video ? Are you pissed that you are not getting the same success rate at women as we are, or did your girlfriend or wife cheat on you with a PUA?
    Tell us why you are so angry?

    Guy Mitchley

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