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    Default How should i deal with this MESS

    i've been working/texting with this girl for about 2 months. up until about last week we texted everyday. i got the vibe i was on the edge of friend zone so i backed off. at work she says "We should have a movie day" and ofcourse i said sure. at work she seemd excited, she said which movies she wanted to watch....which where channing tatum movies. well that night (friday) i texted and told her im available this wednesday. my exact text was "I Checked the schedule and im free next wednesday for movie awesomnesss." her reply was "lmaooo ok!" and after that we just had a short light conversation. the next morning i texted her if wednesday was good for her also cause i wanted to be clear thats the day it was going to happen. she hasnt replied in 2 days. how should i move forward with this? should i ask again? she's been active on facebook and twitter so she hasnt been THAT busy. by the way she has a boyfriend. i'm 22 she's 18. her boyfriend is 17 and entering his senior of highschool. shes graduated. should i just text her like normal and assume wednesday is still happening?

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    Default Re: How should i deal with this MESS

    Thats a wrong way of confirming to a girl will see time don't set your dates far should move on.being active on social media is a signal to you.practice some more game and you may give her another shot.

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    Default Re: How should i deal with this MESS

    Yea she may have lost interest. Texting for two months, almost everyday, and you're just NOW setting up a movie date? Not to mention she has a bf. The situation isn't looking too good.

    Whether it doesn't bother you that she has a bf or not doesn't matter. You have to understand that it's a headache. She could just as easily get on good terms with her bf and then she doesn't want other guys anymore. At least until her and her bf have another fight. It's a dance that could easily convince you that you are in love with her because of all the back and forth emotions.

    Anyways...I don't think you should follow up for Wednesday. She is already comfortable expressing her interest in hanging out with you. So take this as a hint. If she wanted to go through with it she would. You work together so I'm sure you'll have another chance. Pretend that you forgot all about Wednesday and start again at a later time.
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