Decision Making

When I was younger I was fascinated by the game of Texas Holdem. I think what made me like the game so much, was that it was about observing what was happening around you and then making decisions as you played in an attempt wo win something of value.

You could learn so much about this game. You could study, the probability of the cards, and the betting patterns and psychology of the other players. There was just limitless things that you could be considering at any point in a game of texas holdem poker.

The most incredible thing that I realized was that wining this game was not about how well you could read the cards or know your opponents or about amount of knowledge or instinct that you were able to develop for the game. Winning at poker was just about the decisions that you made. At the end of the day the succesfull poker players were the guys that made the good decisions, they ended up winning lots of money. The unsuccesful poker players were the guys who made the bad decisions. Everything else that you learned about the game, was only of value if it helped you to make good decisions.

I think that poker and dating women actually has much in common in this way. I think the thing that will define the level of success that you achieve with women will be the decisions that you make. Once you know what to do, if you execute solid game you will get success. But, if you know what to do, but still dont make the right decisions you will not have success.

I was reminded of this last night. I went out clubbing and I was able to open several sets, and build kino with several women. But ultimately I failed, because I was playing for fools mate. I was trying to escalate too fast, and make an easy pick up, rather than just playing solid game and gradually working towards success.

I would liken this to going on tilt when playing poker. You know that you are making bad decisions but your emotions are making your decisions for you not your logic. I think that I need to do some work on my inner game and perhaps I need to think more about the decisions that I make rather than just focusing on getting results. If the process is correct and the decisions are correct then the results will come.