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Thread: sarging just to get better at sarging not beause i need to

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    Default sarging just to get better at sarging not beause i need to

    When I first started sarging I think for me it was about improving the quality of my life by allowing beautiful women to be attracted to me. Now I feel I have become good enough at doing this and I feel like I am having the level of succes with women that I want. (Regularly dating and sleeping with highly desirable women ect

    Now I feel like Im not sarging to have women involved in my life, but rather I am sarging for its own sake. I guess I am just trying to get really, really good at sarging.

    I feel like this has affected my game. Like if I go out, and I actually have room in my life for another woman, then I feel that my game is more authentic because I actually will improve the quality of my life, if I win the woman over, and I will actually feel more strongly that I want her.

    However, if I feel I already have enought women involved in my life, and I go out sarging, I feel I am not being as succesful because on a deeper level, I dont really feel like I want the woman to be in my life. I dont feel a strong urge to sleep with her or date her or spend time with her. However, I sarge because I want to get better at sarging.

    What do you guys think about this? I really want to be very good at sarging and continue to learn and improve at a fast rate. But perhaps spending time in the field is not the best idea when my heart isnt totally in it. I already have enough women in my life and dont have room for any more.

    I guess I am taking an attitude to sarging, like an athlete takes to training. Im doing it to get better, not because I need to get better

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    Default Re: sarging just to get better at sarging not beause i need to

    This completely normal but remember if you don't hone this skill you may loose a bit .not totally but thats the price of trying to get onto something.WORK EVEN WHEN YOU DONT LIKE IT. with a high focus on the skillset...

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