So there's a supermarket across the street and one of the express lane cashiers seems to be giving me IOI's the 2 times I ran into her. The conversation went well too although it was pretty brief obviously. I'd say she's about a hb 6-7. This place doesn't have enough express lanes so there's always a line although I could try going at a really off hour (assuming she's working then) so if I ask her out it's probably going to be with other customers waiting in line. So obviously I don't want to hold up the line and get in her trouble exchanging numbers. So I'd be curious what you guys think is the best way to handle this. My 2 ideas are:

1) Suggest we meet at a restaurant in the same strip mall when she gets off work (assuming it's still open).

2) Passing her a note with my number and ask her to text me her's so I can call her.