What are the answers to the following topics. I have the system and I listened to the core information and no where in that information are the answers to any of the items below.

#1 secret to transform friend to friend with benefits

How to stand(posture) to attract them

mind reading trick to know what she thinks about you.

Pinpoint her type to get her chasing you

33 innocent words that make her horny (& when and who to use them on)

$20 accessory that makes her think of your package

remove this one thing from your home to increase your chances with her

item you need in your bedroom

boyfriend killer so she laughs

what to tell her to make her so loyal

plant a seed that makes her obsessed with you

9 movies that will make her fall in love

11 foods that make her horny

S Spot where it is and how to use it.

If anyone used this system and knows the answers, I'd greatly appreciate it. I have been looking through all the info and none of the answers for these things has shown up yet.

thanks for any help.