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    Default Do I attempt it twice?

    Met a girl a few months ago.. We text a few times, missed a meet-up and she started seeing some guy, she was completely honest and said she would feel bad two-timing or whatever.. I wished her luck and moved on.

    I had to open an old phone yesterday and found a text from her, so I went in again..

    Joked about how we met to try and put us both back at that time, couple little lines about wanting more than just the lay (which is true, I'd genuinely like to know her), and she seems receptive and has dropped a couple of (what she doesn't realise, is..) compliments.

    So you guys think I should try again, see what happens.. Or just drop it and look for another girl?

    Two points that play on my mind..
    1. I'm unsure about a girl I'm seeing now,even though I do like her. Do I risk that?
    2. This girl did choose to see another guy instead of me. Slighlty easy about that though, seeing as nothing more than a few texts were sent.

    So, is she a) Attention seeking after this guy dumped her?
    Or, b) Thinking "That was a mistake.. I should have spent some time with .complete.noob afterall"?

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    Default Re: Do I attempt it twice?

    You don't care why she is doing it. You blew it the first time because you hadn't made a big enough impact on her so it was pretty easy for her to go for the next guy on the list (something YOU should be doing with girls as a PUA).

    But anyway for now, if you're confident that you're a better seducer then go for it and do make an impact this time.

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