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    Default Need some advice from the pros, Need to know my next step and how to game!

    Hey guys! This is my first post on here I am still putting together my profile and reviewing this amazing site! so please be patient with me. Thanks!

    Anyways I need some advice from the pros! So pretty much I am 25 years old and I recently started chatting with this 38 year old I always see at my gym. I randomly ran into her a few times at some restaurants and both times I joined her table and we talked and laughed and flirted etc! she even made it clear she was into younger guys! I ended up getting her number and we exchanged a few text messages (this is about 3 weeks ago).

    Then pretty much the last thing that happened was I called her and she did not answer but responded 5 min later with a text saying "hey! sorry I missed ur call I am driving" so I responded back "no problem, just give me a buzz back whenever is good for you" days passed and nothing! sighhh! lol....eventually the following week came and I ended up dropping my iphone and smashing it. so I got a whole new plan with a new phone number and everything. So since I have had that new phone (about 2 weeks now) I have not texted her my new number at all or had contact with her.

    This evening I ran into her at the gym...when she walked in I was running on the treadmill and she gave me a smile and wave. eventually when I was done and leaving the gym Her and her daughter witch is about 21 years old im guessing were both running on the elliptical. So I hopped on next to her just to say hi and have some small talk before I was about to leave. And at first she acted very awkward (possibly cuz her daughter was next to her, or I caught her off guard...Not sure) but immediately after she opened up and we had a brief convo before I left. I didn't want to interrupt her run (witch I could tell she was in the zone lol). I think I act pretty mature for my age every time we have communicated and I present myself as a person with status and meaning. So pretty much I am just curious how this sounds so far and witch direction I should take it! And I still have to text her with my new number, any suggestions on what to say when doing that? should I be playful or to the point? im not sure especially with a older woman I am not sure how to play it haha. So any help from the pros! Thank you all so much!

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    Default Re: Need some advice from the pros, Need to know my next step and how to ga

    Have you considered asking her out, while you're both at the gym?

    If you don't want to do that, you might get a date idea together and call her. Tell her you want to go to __________ with her. Add that you need to see her so you can giver her your new number."

    It's great to want to do the best thing (and I'm sure someone will be along to give you the textbook answer), but it's also really good to try your own thing and learn from it. Either way, DO SOMETHING. Don't let her go gentle into that good night.

    Curious: Why are you going after the mother, not the daughter?
    I have failed more than most men have tried.

    Every woman you pass up is a woman you will never have.

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