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    Default Re: Can I still have hope in PUA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Taylor View Post
    I guess most of the guys around here have already been in your shoes.
    You shouldn't be that depressed. Yeah, you rocked the bottom - or at least you think so. But guess what, i bet it could get worse. and worse. And at some point, it's up to you when, it'll get better. If you invest enough time and energy. It's not gonna be like in movies, so that after one horrible night, you wake up as a changed person, a PUA with game. You have to built it up and work really hard for every single brick in that building.

    As you can read under my nickname, I'm just an aspiring PUA. So I can only tell what I've experienced. I also rocked the bottom not that long ago. I started reading and watching and hearing through PUA stuffes, just like you did. And there were plenty of nights when I went out to the field thinking "Ok, so, this is the time, this is my time etc." - and I freezed. I wasn't able to open sets, even say hi to girls. But i forced myself (ok, i shouldn't really forced, i enjoy friking much to diving into this whole PUA stuffs) to learn even more. Watching Mystery's lectures on my iPod while travelling in bus. Reading PUA books in the beach. Reading this forum, surfing in the net reading about the topic all my spare time. And somehow, with little steps, I feel like it's changing. I hope i'll carry on with it.

    You should really dive into it hard. If you read and watch about how others opening sets and going into direct games, you will feel urgent need to try it, at least once. Sorrounded yourself with your friends or your buddies. As for me, there is 2 options: I go out in the field with dudes, who really got game - that force me to try it myself. Or I go out with my other friends, who really are AFCs, just like I am, or I used to be (I can't really decide it now) - so i feel like i have to demonstrate them my DHVs, that I, in opposite of them, can go and talk to women. Both option could work, but I guess, the first one is better.

    So head up, go live your life, or something cheerfull like that - I really hope you can make it.
    You're so right on that first point. Things could, and will, get even worse if I don't do anything about it. I was listening to a podcast from those guys from Simple Pickup on of this days, and one of them was talking just about that. How waiting for things to happen will just make you more of a loser, and how life will f*** you up the a** if you let it.

    I hope to be on your situation in the near future. As I said above, for now I'll just focus on my carreer, but right after that I'll have some months off. And I'll use it to dive deep on pua, sarging and self-improvement. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Can I still have hope in PUA?

    Hi OP,

    You are 29 and you are that hopeless? I am 38 and I started learning PUA stuff when I was 37.5 !! Since I started this I have not had a real success because I just managed to date a crazy Russian girl for a couple of months. However as it was said before to be able to succeed with women we have to improve ourselves in many different areas. e.g. Now I exercise 5 times a week and I have an eye on what I eat so I am a lot fitter and healthier now. I dress a lot better so that many people look at me when I go out. I have a better hair style, I am way more confident and sociable which has made me a happier and more successful person etc.

    There is always hope but I would say do approaches and learn PUA stuff as a tool to improve yourself. Be outcome independent and focus on improving yourself. Fark women, who cares whether they want to give you their numbers or not. Approach them a couple of times a week and gradually you will notice a lot of positive changes. Once you have improved yourself this way women will come to you. I promise.

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