How's it going its been awhile, so over the course of 3 weeks I've meet this girl at work and we started talking it seems like every time we have there's been a lot of IOIs and good chemistry between us.
So I asked her out this week nothing out there it was simple " lets have coffee this Friday" with out hesitation she said yes and she gave me her number with out me asking. Date + number 2 birds with one stone kinda thing. And before I move on every time I would ask her when she works again before this she would run down her whole schedule and also tell me the days she had off, me I just wanna know next day she works not an agenda every time I ask lol. She gave me the agenda like always when I asked her out its like she's been waiting for me to ask her out and throwing it at me when she has off as to ask her to do something on her off days. Anyways we agree to see each other 2 hours before she goes into work on Friday note: before you say anything I've purposely done this because 1 I don't have a car and 2 we both work at this outdoor mall that has pretty much anything you can think off so I could just walk off with her and build report Kino a bit and have a lot to do as well. So here Friday comes around and we had agreed to meet up at 2 I made sure to confirm and she said that sounds good she will be there all though a little after 2. So I said that actually works out better because I'll be running some errands. So we agreed to meet at Barnes and nobles and 20min before 2 she txt me Im running a little late Ill be there in 15min, I was already there but I was planning to be there late my self so I did, I texted her back saying I was running behind as well just to text me when she gets there. So she gets there and texts me that she did, I wait 10min before going inside to find here reading a book standing up lol So I find here kiss her on the check complimented her on how good she looks we walk over to the coffee section I see she's about to pay for her drink when I slide my card smirk and tell her "you really think I'm going to let you pay for that?" She knows the deal lol. So we talk for like 5min but fark book stores I make sure we get up and walk around the mall a bit and then shortly after she says she's hungry but what's good to eat
I tell her let go to Panera bread so we do. So this is where sh1t starts getting interesting I buy her something to eat and we sit down and really start to feel strong chemistry between us I know this girl likes me so half way through that I pull off the old palm reading kino card and she's starts having a good time laughing HB: "Wait I thought this means that" Me no this means this and that ect bla bla lol. So she's like let me see your hand" Starts trying to read mine. Everything is going so well and seriously I'm really falling for this girl I really really want a strong relationship with this girl and before all this I thought cute girl gaming practice, but up until now I feel like she's my soul mate, she's the one, ect what ever. Now I'm telling you we have to much in common and the best chemistry I've ever felt with any girl but I KNOW I must not let my emotions get in the way or slip out but its really been farking with me and now ever more and here's why. So through out us talking she brings up the #1 thing any guy does NOT want to here HB: I have a bf who's bla bla bla and I could of sworn my hart dropped for a second and boy did it sting hard but I quickly try to change the subject and brushed it off like nothing. So she says how she's in this relationship with this guy who's moving to Washington on April and they both agree that long distance relationships don't work bla bla, bla and it seems to me she is really unhappy with this guy. She also tells me how she wants to move out and find a place in fear of having to move back to her moms who lives 4 hours away and also loseing her job in effect, she really likes it out here. In my head I'm like "why the fark are we on a date on top of allll that now I'm super crazy about you! And I know we need to be together this feels like a movie gees. So we get up and I walk her to work and give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek good bye after talking for a little while more. Now I'm stoked I feel like I need to get a place so we could both move in together and get a car asap witch is no problem 3 to 4 weeks tops, but I know I'm letting my emotions boil to hot and its eating me up inside and I'm confused I want a seconds date but I'm lost on what to do about this I will do anything in my power to not let this slip through my fingers but I've never once have been in this situation