Hi guys, so I need some advise in a certain situation I'm in but first ill give some background information.

Last school year I started talking to this HB (that i really like) and at that time I was still learning more about PUA stuff, I was doing indirect things for the most part and actually N-closed before that year ended. I was a pretty shy dude back then and really didn't talk to many people. Well during this summer I found out something called Direct Game or Daygame and it was something totally different. I been inspired a lot throughout the summer and started doing daytime approaches and now it really made me more confident in talking to women and being comfortable with myself. So starting this school year off was awesome as now I am talking to every HB I see. anyway, i saw the HB from last year and It felt strange as to now that I am more Direct and have different mindsets. My question is how do I incorporate my direct game towards her if she is already comfortable talking to me with a different vibe from last school year?

Other things that I want to note is: that normally I'm comfortable talking to many HB but when i see the HB I like from last year I become a little bit anxious, maybe because I like her? And will this effect my game?

Oh and one more thing: last year she had a Boyfriend which resulted in a failed K-close during a school trip but I found out a week ago overhearing a conversation that she is now single, could this benefit me in building sexual tension between us?
Thanks for reading, hopefully you guys can give me some advise